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Childbirth—phenomenal, huh?

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Power to the People, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Power to the People

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    Jul 17, 2009
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    Once again, I am struck by the power of woman, and the miracle she carries within while giving birth. My dear cousin this week had a baby boy, and the enormity of it was really hard-hitting. Childbirth, it seemed to me, was simply a step away, and all my preconceived ideas about it were radically challenged in an instant. Those adoption plans and surrogate motherhood ideas I had been harbouring were quickly squashed, if not questioned. If just being an aunt could produce such dizzying heights of ecstasy and excitement, imagine the real thing?? What exhilaration, what joy! Not forgetting the excruciation of delivery, nothing, absolutely nothing I imagine, can replicate the emotions of that moment.

    But, that aside dear readers, I was also thoroughly humbled by the idea that this exhilaration and joy had been experienced by others before me, most importantly, my parents. The awe, the admiration and even slight terror of this thing called life felt by me as just an aunt, was felt by both my parents before. It is a grand epiphany for a daughter or son to think of one's parents as individuals. The paradigm shift of viewing those two people, who are larger than life, as individuals rather than parents, is just astounding. You realize the awesome responsibility that these two young people immediately had to take on, the apprehension of the challenges lying ahead. You simply realize that the amount of things you have taken for granted is simply shocking. All that time you were getting what you wanted; your parents were earning only that? Good grief. And that new bicycle you finally had because you thought it was high time you had it, but saw your dad forfeiting a car servicing or whatnot literally makes you cringe right now, right? Let's not even delve into the sacrifices these two individuals have made, keep on making, and will keep on making. The saying that parenting is a full time job seems to be a colossal understatement to me at the moment.

    Parenting aside, motherhood should be ranked as the world's eight great wonder. Behind every great person, there is usually a greater mother. To think that they gave birth to you and your siblings is such a show of selflessness, totally admirable in itself. I can only try and digest the sheer extent of raising, unconditionally loving and mothering a child. My goodness, I personally think I should have been walloped some more as a child! Seriously, I'm even beginning think that I deserved to have been sent to some juvenile detention centre of some sort. The patience and endurance of these great women is heroic, and I can only wonder and hope that this beautiful character trait will show through when I have four or five little monsters running around me. I personally think that mothers are the real heroes of this world, made even more so by their silent acknowledgement.
    And of course, the birth of new life is just another reminder of how we as humans, are but a small segment of this cosmic universe, limited in knowledge as much as in capacity. The act of childbirth is sacred, made possible by only God and innate to humans. Nothing can come close to its unique replication, not even cloning and what-have-you. It is a real miracle, and what's even more miraculous is that I am actually thinking of having my own soccer team; not seven, but even eleven sons. Childbirth-phenomenal, huh?

    Sijaandika kaujumbe haka lakini nimeona niuweke hapa to help us appreciate more our mothers, wives and sisters