Chenge's remarks have shocked me, says Sitta


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Feb 11, 2007
Chenge's remarks have shocked me, says Sitta

By Rodgers Luhwago

National Assembly Speaker Samuel Sitta yesterday said he was ''deeply shocked and disappointed by the strategic attacks'' directed at him by former Infrastructure Development minister Andrew Chenge.

Speaking to The Citizen in an exclusive interview by telephone from Dodoma, Mr Sitta said he believed there was a ''hidden agenda driven by some people who feel that my leadership of Parliament is a threat to their political future''.

He was reacting to allegations made by Mr Chenge in a weekly Swahili newspaper, in which the former minister was quoted as saying that Mr Sitta was ''leading Parliament imperfectly'' and peddling rumours.

Mr Chenge, who resigned recently after reportedly being interrogated in Dar es Salaam by officials of the UK's Serious Fraud Office, was apparently upset that he had been associated with alleged voodoo rituals supposedly performed inside the debating chamber last week.

The former minister was quoted in the media reports as having vowed to ''use the parliamentary procedures, the ruling party's top organs and the courts of law'' to fight what he termed as a smear campaign against him and accused the Speaker of being behind it.

Speaking to The Citizen, Mr Sitta said the reports published by some newspapers in mid this week claiming to have emanated from him as a source were ''totally malicious''.

He claimed that the intention was to tarnish his image before the public and members of the august House.

''What is surprising me is that I never mentioned any person despite being asked by reporters to do so.

''It's very unfortunate that those linking me with the naming of Mr Chenge as the person involved in the 'voodoo ritual' in the debating chamber are suggesting that I also believe in witchcraft, something I have never done throughout my life,'' he said.

Asked what steps he would take against Mr Chenge, the Speaker said: ''I don't want to engage in cheap politics.

I would rather not comment on that''.

Mr Sitta clarified that all he said before the MPs after the ''peculiar event'' occurred was recorded in the Hansard, adding that whoever wanted to verify the information should go ahead and do so.

He added: ''When the political wind is blowing against someone, he should never try to seek consolation by mudslinging others.

Everyone should carry his or her cross.''

Early this week, the media reporters named Mr Chenge as the ''political heavyweight'' allegedly involved in the ritual allegedly performed at night in the Bunge Hall.

Though they did not mention Mr Sitta as the source of the story, Mr Chenge was quoted in mid this week as saying that he would ''deal with him'' for allegedly linking him to the supposed witchcraft.

Political observers noted that the ongoing tug of war between the ruling party's bigwigs started with sharp divisions that emerged soon after the Richmond scandal report was tabled in the Parliament.

According to reliable sources, those who lost their positions after being implicated in corruption allegations believe that ''their political downfall'' was a well-coordinated move done by their rivals within CCM.

A few weeks after the tabling of the report of the parliamentary committee on the Richmond scandal, Speaker Sitta claimed that some top politicians had targeted him.

This followed allegations that he had misused millions of shillings in public funds.

The conflict spread, with some of his family members, including his daughter, being targeted.
Chenge is already politically dead, shame on him for stealing our vijisent!Jail is his place to be.
Chenge in trouble over latest outburst


FORMER attorney general and cabinet minister Andrew Chenge may have landed himself in serious trouble with a parliamentary ethics watchdog committee following controversial remarks he made this week about National Assembly Speaker Samwel Sitta.

According to strong parliamentary sources, the comments made by Chenge in an interview with a weekly Kiswahili tabloid have caused a real stir, with a number of legislators separately asserting that the ex-AG and minister was out of line.

In the front-page newspaper article, Chenge is quoted as openly questioning Sitta's leadership style and accusing the Speaker of making decisions based on rumours and hearsay.

''Parliament should not be led by a rumour-monger,'' he was quoted as saying, apparently referring to Sitta.

The Bariadi West Member of Parliament's remarks were in connection with recent reports of a poison or voodoo scare within the Bunge Hall in Dodoma.

Chenge further said in the interview that he was consulting his lawyers to determine what action he should take against the Speaker, for allegedly damaging his reputation with the voodoo reports.

However, records show that not a single newspaper that published the reports quoted Sitta as publicly mentioning Chenge's name in connection with the incident.

In separate interviews with THISDAY, several MPs described the ex-AG and minister's remarks as very serious, with one suggesting they could be interpreted as bringing the National Assembly and its proceedings into disrepute.

''The comments (by Chenge) against the Speaker were totally uncalled for because the Speaker never accused Chenge of anything,'' said one lawmaker who requested anonymity for the time being.

The chairperson of the parliamentary privileges, ethics and powers committee, Ms Anne Kilango Malecela, told THISDAY yesterday that she would look into the matter, and did not rule out possible action by the committee.

Saying the committee has yet to receive an official complaint with regard to Chenge's remarks, Ms Kilango Malecela said: ''I haven't met with the other committee members yet. But I have seen the newspaper report and I will go through it to decide what action should be taken.''

In the particular newspaper article, Chenge confirmed that he had indeed entered the Bunge Hall with a senior parliamentary officer, Japhet Sagasii, to identify a new backbench seat for him to occupy following his resignation from the post of infrastructure development minister last April.

According to Bunge arrangements, the front bench seats are reserved for incumbent cabinet members while other legislators occupy the backbenches.

According to the announcement made by Speaker Sitta in the House on Monday this week, the Clerk of the National Assembly had informed him that a surveillance camera had caught two people entering the main hall at night and becoming involved in suspicious movements.

Sitta said while his first instinct was to keep the matter to himself, he changed his mind and decided to officially report it to the police and national security authorities after Kyela legislator Dr Harrison Mwakyembe (CCM) suddenly fell ill inside the hall and had to be escorted away for treatment and rest.

The Speaker told the House that an official investigation is now underway and security officials are analysing 72 hours of surveillance camera footage to establish ''who exactly was involved and what actually transpired.''
Chenge be carefull maana wanaoisha kisiasa uanza hivi hivi. Wewe umetokea kwenye uanasheria na kuingilia siasa. Wenzio wakina six wamekaa humo hadi wamezeekeana. Usijalibu kuleta mapambano nao. Uzoefu utakutupa nje. KNOCK OUT TO CHENGE
Tatizo wabunge wa SiSiem walizoea Spika kufunika makosa yao kiitikadi. Kwa kuwa hawakujiandaa kwa mabadiliko basi Spika anapobadilika kidogo inakuwa balaa!

Watamalizana tu, spika fanya kazi yako!
Nimeamini wazee wanasoma JF. Na hiyo article ya This day imeandikwa na "Anne Kilango Malecela, This Day Reporter" au mbwembwe tu?
Nimeamini wazee wanasoma JF. Na hiyo article ya This day imeandikwa na "Anne Kilango Malecela, This Day Reporter" au mbwembwe tu?

Samahani Pundit, ni mimi ndite niliyefanya makosa. Ktika hiyo article kulikuwa na picha ya Anne Kilango na nimecopy vibaya na hatimaye kuonekana article hiyo kama imeandikwa na Anne Kilango.
Hiyo smear campaign inatoka wapi kama kuna video inayoonyesha yaliyotokea; si ni afadhali ofisi za bunge waitoe video hiyo ili kukata mzizi wa fitina?
...The Speaker told the House that an official investigation is now underway and security officials are analysing 72 hours of surveillance camera footage to establish ’’who exactly was involved and what actually transpired.’’

...72 hours? footage ya siku tatu? mbona walisema alionekana jioni moja baada ya kikao?

hii haijatulia...
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