Changes are necessary to killers and journalists


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Nov 22, 2010
I have been shocked with the killing of a young boy who was a pupil at Nyampulukano primary school located in township of Sengerema district in Mwanza. The boy was in standard six. The incidence came alive on 14th Dec. 2010 at around 9AM. The tragedy stands as follows: the father's boy asked the boy to collect piglets food from rice products out of their home to the place known as 'Mnadani' almost 500 meters away. He brought home one sack and rode back to collect the last one. At the place, he found a crowd peeping in a dilapidated house with suspicious moment. The boy captured by great interest of joining them. As he stretched over the crowd in order to see what the crowd had been looking, he found a number of rice sacks hidden in. With morale, the boy observed his jacket hanging around those sacks; as he went on observing as others did, he found some of the sacks were theirs. He cried out notifying the crowd that the jacket was his and one of the sack belonged to them. The crowd tuned its attention to him meanwhile accusing him of conspiracy; the 'sungusungu' commander of the area arrested him and left the boy under the custody of that furious crowd for the commander to walk out up to the boy's home in order to search for truth whether the sack belonged to the boy's family or not. Behind the scene, it is not easy to believe, the furious crowd as normally we used to say, snatched the boy and killed him fiercely. Nevertheless, the crowd did not end there, they put the body into fire.

On the other side of the scene, the 'sungusungu' commander proved the boy's words that some of the sacks belonged to them when he met with his parents. The boy's father drove back to office as a veterinary officer meanwhile requesting his wife to join the commander's team back to the scene to rescue the boy since it was proved that the boy was not guilty by the moment. As they approached scene they found the boy no longer surviving, just burning to ashes while the crowd stood far away as if they enjoy on the scene.

The boy's mother ran quickly to blow off the fire to rescue the boy but all sounded, "...too late mama!"

To journalists, how could you write about such an event? Can you encourage people to go on attempting the same thing whenever tend to happen? Or could you tell people what happened and, what could have been happened instead? Please, go on searching how you presented the scene if can influence changes to our community.

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