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Feb 24, 2008
So, it is the presidency!

By JIANG ALIPO, 22nd November 2010 @ 22:00, Total Comments: 36, Hits: 819

THEY did it. Chadema has made history in our country, by doing the impossible; walking out of the parliament when the president of URT is delivering his speech…unbelievable!
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Daily News | So, it is the presidency!


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Jan 19, 2008
Huyu dada ukimsoma, basi unaona na yeye ni mmoja ya wale wanaosikia na kutafasiri yao.

Wanaamini kuwa CHadema wamesema hawamtambui Kikwete kama Rais.

Wao wamesema tena na tena kuwa Rais ni Kikwete ila hawakubaliana na njia zilizotumika kumfanya Kikwete kuwa Rais na wanagomea matokeo hayo ya Urais na hapo ndipo wanakuja na madai kuwa:

1.Tubadili katiba. 2.Kuifumua NEC. 3.Tume kuchunguza uchunguzi.

Sasa huyu Kipoli yeye kaona vyake anavyotaka kuona.

Mwambieni Wakuu wa Wilaya wameshachaguliwa tayari na mwaka 2015 Kikwete anajificha kwao kama Msaga na atakuwa akija kwenye mikutano ya CCM tu.


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Jan 19, 2008
Thursday November 25, 2010 Columnist
By JIANG ALIPO, 22nd November 2010 @ 22:00, Total Comments: 36, Hits: 829

THEY did it. Chadema has made history in our country, by doing the impossible; walking out of the parliament when the president of URT is delivering his speech…unbelievable!

I wish I could have seen the action at least on TV, though my ultimate wish was to be in the parliament, at the journalist’s chambers, getting it up close. Anyway, I do get the picture, and with YouTube, am sure will see the video soon.

The action follows Chadema’s announcement last week that the party does not recognize re-election of Prez JK, however its representatives will still serve in Parliament and local authority councils – one of us, me or them, must be out of their thinking minds, because I don’t get this.

It is not rocket science, just simple logic that makes me wonder; how can you not recognize a government but serve it? If you do not recognise it what are you serving then? Chadema is totally contradicting itself.

My first question to Chadema is what are you still doing in parliament? I was expecting you to pack your bags and walk out after taking oath of office.

Yes, you walked out on the president’s address to the parliament, but if you do not recognize him you should not even attend any parliamentary sessions. Because according to our constitution, the parliament consists of two parts; the President and the National Assembly which means there is no parliament without the president.

So you should not be part of the parliament if you do not recognize the president because the existence of the parliament is dependent on the existence of the president. And yes, I know they are different pillars of the government.

I am sad to say that this feels like Chadema playing games with us. To prove that they are just taking us for a ride, Chadema, as the official opposition, has already formed the shadow government; first things first, have been waiting for this opportunity for 15 years!

Which leads to another question; how do they form a shadow of something that do not exists?

It seems Chadema has decided to do it the CUF style. CUF used the technique and it worked - after 15 years- and now they are part of the government of Zanzibar. Which makes reminds me, if CUF were claiming to have been wining all past election, what happened to those votes this year? Shouldn’t they claim victory this election also?

Oooh, I get it…it is the presidency, or vice-presidency that matters. It is not about ‘I won’, it is about; ‘I want the piece of cake, if you give it to me, am not going to complain’. Which makes me wonder, do you have to be a president to make change?

Because it seems like no one is complaining about the most of the parliamentary and council seats lost -- the election was not free and fair, only for the presidency seat. I though NEC supervised all election.

If Chadema has decided to play the CUF game, they should be warned of several things. First the CUF began its crusade with a less than one per cent margin in the presidential election, with the difference of 35 per cent; Father Slaa has a lot of talking to do, to convince most of us that he actually won this election.

Also, to prove their point, CUF’s representatives, not only boycotted the house, they also did not even take the allowance. Am sure not swinging in those comfy seats and not receiving their hard earned allowances, just for the sake of making a point, is what Chadema’s MPs had in mind when they were sweating up and down the constituencies.

And thirdly; CUF managed to keep the pace of their game for 15 years till they got what they wanted, due the fact, among others, that it is the only major opposition party in the Isles. This means they maintained being number two for all that time.

Can Chadema do that? Does it have the stamina? Will other opposition parties be sleeping in the third and fourth positions as Chadema continue with its cause?

More importantly, will the people be interested in its cause ten years down the line, or does it expect a fierce and short war -- get what it wants during these five years?

Chadema will go in history by being the first party to do what they did in our parliament and will always be respected for bringing a real opposition to CCM, but I am skeptical about the outcome of their current game. Round one down, Chadema may have won, let’s wait for round two…this is going to be an interesting match, but am not betting on any player yet.

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