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CCM Conclave

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by BAK, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. BAK

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    Apr 1, 2008
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    By Lusekelo Philemon, Musoma

    The CCM National Executive Committee (NEC) on Sunday failed to endorse the modalities of forming a coalition government in Zanzibar, one of the most important recommendations of the just-concluded `muafaka` (reconciliation) talks.

    Equal numbers of influential representatives of both the ruling party and the opposition Civic United Front (CUF) took part in the negotiations, whose thrust was on ending the political impasse in the Isles.

    The committee is the CCM organ with constitutionally authorised to endorse the power sharing proposal for use in the Isles beginning Tanzania`s next (2010) general elections.

    CCM Secretary General Yusuf Makamba and his CUF counterpart Seif Shariff Hamad headed their respective parties? teams in the talks, recently agreed on the coalition government option.

    Observers saw the breakthrough vastly easing the political stalemate in the Isles, in place since the 2000 and 2005 general elections whose results CUF disputes, and setting the stage for improved relations among Zanzibaris.

    The proposed arrangement was supposed to be endorsed by the supreme organs of both parties and was among the priority items on the agenda of the CCM-NEC meeting at Butiama in Mara Region at the weekend.

    The village is Founding President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere`s birthplace and was considered as an ideal place from where the ruling party`s powerful committee could deliberate on the all-important issue.

    CCM National Chairman Jakaya Kikwete, who presided over the meeting, admitted that debate on Isles peace pact recommendations was so heated that it lasted more than eight hours.

    Reading the resolutions endorsed by the NEC meeting just after midnight on Sunday, CCM Vice Chairman (Mainland) Pius Msekwa said the committee had largely agreed on the recommendations made by the `muafaka` team.

    He added that the CCM-NEC wanted the team to make some amendments to the recommendations and had directed the ruling party?s representatives on the team accordingly.

    However, the `Butiama Communiqu頠conspicuously fell short of pinpointing areas where the CCM committee saw a need for adjustments.

    Msekwa pointed out that if the NEC?s recommendations were accepted and implemented, there would be enormous changes in Zanzibar`s entire administrative system.

    Accordingly, he noted, the committee wanted to see wider popular participation in the whole process to enable all Zanzibaris to air their views on the coalition government proposed.

    He expressed the NEC`s ``profound disappointment`` over the unilateral decision by CUF to go public on the `muafaka` recommendations, saying that was contrary to the terms of the negotiations.

    On the issue of keeping business and politics apart, Msekwa said NEC members had called on the Union and Isles governments to enact legislation to that effect.

    The idea would be to make public leaders steer clear of business ``because putting the two in the same hands leads to conflicts of interests``.

    ``The CCM-NEC has agreed that this is a serious shortfall that needs to be rectified,`` said Msekwa, reading the resolutions of the meeting at a packed Joseph Kizurira Nyerere Memorial Hall specially renovated for the occasion.

    He said it was also resolved that severe disciplinary and other measures would henceforth be taken against any CCM member breaching leadership ethics.

    Turning to the scandal allegations associated with the controversial emergency electricity generation and supply contract between the government and Richmond Development Company, Msekwa said the party fully understood the people`s fury and disappointment whenever senior government and other public officials engage in corruption or embezzle public funds.

    Surprisingly, the declaration was silent on the specific action that would be taken against CCM-NEC members implicated in the endorsement or implementation of such activities widely viewed as nefarious.

    Especially stunning was the failure by the declaration to make any mention of the embezzlement of 133 billion/- from the Bank of Tanzania?s External Payment Arrears (EPA) account.

    Analysts see the glaring omission as giving sweet relief to CCM and government heavyweights linked to the two scandals. Some of those incriminated are NEC members and attended the Butiama meeting and must have expected worse to befall them.

    The declaration did not come up with the widely expected censure of prominent people linked to crimes like grand corruption, gross abuse of office and blatant embezzlement of public funds.

    Rather, it merely called on CCM members to desist from engaging in any activities or behaviour likely to portray the party in poor light.

    It also called for immediate action on ``burning issues with public interest``, including the need to dismantle antagonistic camps within the party.

    The CCM-NEC has just over 200 members, 196 of whom attended the Butiama meeting.

    SOURCE: Guardian
  2. BAK

    BAK JF-Expert Member

    Apr 1, 2008
    Joined: Feb 11, 2007
    Messages: 70,448
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    Halafu wakiitwa chama cha mafisadi wanakuja juu, lakini ndio ukweli wa mambo. CCM ni chama cha mafisadi na Watanzania wanafahamu hivyo