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CCM cadres dodge important meeting; it was last efforts by the party to ditch the trio

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by nngu007, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. nngu007

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    By In2EastAfrica - Wed Jun 22, 1:08 pm

    Monduli MP and former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa

    Efforts by the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) to purge some of its senior cadres who are accused of tarnishing the party’s image are mounting, with reports indicating that they will soon be shown the door.

    On Monday at the end of the morning Parliamentary session, the presiding chairman, Mr Sylvester Mabumba, mentioned out the names of the cadres and other members of the CCM executive committee, asking them to attend a special meeting at the party headquarters in Dodoma soon after the session.

    Among the cadres named by Mr Mabumba were Monduli MP and former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa, Igunga lawmaker and ex-CCM treasurer Rostam Aziz and Bariadi West legislator and former Attorney General Andrew Chenge.

    Sources told The Citizen that the meeting was part of the last efforts by the party to ditch the trio.

    Some of other party cadres who were also told to attend the meeting included Ms Jenister Mhagama, Mr Bernard Membe, Mr Iddi Azan, Mr Samuel Sitta and Mr Geofrey Zambi — who are also MPs.

    However, reports received later said that the meeting did not take place because most of the delegates failed to show up.
    At 5pm, almost two hours after the scheduled start of the meeting, only one delegate, Mr Azan, was seen by The Citizen entering the party headquarters premises.

    When asked if the meeting would take place, the Kinondoni MP was non-committal.

    “I have just been informed about the meeting and I’m not sure if it will take place, but it seems most of the delegates have not arrived yet,” he told The Citizen.

    The CCM publicity secretary, Mr Nape Nnauye, when contacted through the telephone, did not want to disclose the details of the meeting, but indicated that it was about the issues of ‘shedding the shell’.

    “I can’t tell you at this point what we are going to discuss at the meeting. You people (journalists) will believe us the day you see the trio out of CCM,” he said.

    But by the time The Citizen left the party headquarters about 4pm, delegates had not arrived and the meeting had not yet started.

    The CCM MPs secretary, Ms Mhagama, said when contacted, that she had organised the meeting. However, when asked to detail its agenda, she declined by simply saying: “It is an internal party affairs.”

    “It is true that I called them, but it was a normal meeting. It was just a gathering to discuss some internal party issues, which we can’t divulge to journalists. Are you briefed when Chadema sit for their internal issues?” she queried.

    The CCM secretary general, Mr Wilson Mukama, did not pick up his phone when contacted yesterday but he later responded through a text message, saying: “I’m busy right now, I’ll call you later.” However, he didn’t honour his promise.

    The minister for East African Cooperation, Mr Samwel Sitta, said he could not attend because he was not informed about the meeting. “First of all, I am not aware of the meeting…perhaps because I was in India. I have just arrived and I am on my way to Dodoma now,” he said.

    Calls to Mr Chenge, Lowassa and Zambi went unanswered. Mr Aziz’s telephone was picked up by a woman who said that the MP was on a trip abroad.

    The move to hold the meeting has been described as continuation of what began in April this year when the newly re-organised ruling CCM announced a nationwide campaign to cleanse itself, pledging to make reshuffles from district to regional level across the country.

    “We cannot be talking of re-organising the party at the top level and forget the lower level,” the newly picked CCM publicity secretary, Mr Nape Nnauye was quoted as saying in Dodoma last April.

    He said the party’s reforms would be implemented by first reshuffling underperforming leaders in the districts and regions before addressing other crucial issues.

    Mr Nnauye said the party’s new secretariat would tour all regions in the country, beginning with Dodoma, the CCM headquarters. Members of the secretariat will then go to Morogoro, Coast, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar where they will meet party members.

    “The cleansing of the party will definitely involve its district and regional secretaries who are the main supervisory personnel,” he told the first news conference since he was appointed to the post.

    He added: “Our first challenge is to cleanse the party itself before dealing with members who are tarnishing the good image of the government.”
    Source The Citizen

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    Hapo patachimbika, Lowasa hawezi kuiacha CCM hivihivi. Bora wamalizane mapema, tumewachoka.
  3. Z

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    Jun 23, 2011
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    hii line ya Nape ya "cleansing" inakuwa obsolete sasa. Actions do speak louder than words.

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