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CCM and CUF are part of a problem not a solution!

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by Rutashubanyuma, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Rutashubanyuma

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    The simmering political impasse in the Archipelago of Zanzibar has exposed our soft underbelly that our politicians are only good at emulating past proven experiences but are not astute when it comes to steering leaking ships away from political undertows besetting the nation today.

    Since 1995, average Tanzanians watched in horror as our political commissars were encroaching in our constitutional imperatives to determine our destiny. For TANU & AFRO SHIRAZ and later CCM monolithic single party dictatorships, constitutional matters had nothing to do with the plebeian.

    The commoners were there to rubber stamp what the rulers of the day wanted to do with the constitution. Every constitutional amendment had more to do with ingratiating the rulers of the day by reinforcing their firm grip against every follower out there. One would have expected CUF being an opposition party keen to wrestle power from the CCM hegemony would read a different political script but time had proven it was a wishful presage that was unlikely to "boon" us anon.

    An unholy alliance of CCM and CUF in mutilating our constitution behind closed doors cannot and should not be justified by the saying "The ends do justify the means..." Exultant political parties at the ballot box are fazed to appreciate that the electorate had given them the onus to churn out public policies only and it is wrong for the same platforms to vest themselves with constitutional prerogatives to re-engineer the highest law on the land without seeking an approval from the electorate.

    Furthermore, this crucial concern is noted on the way our politicians solemnly vowed to uphold the constitution no sooner they were exalted into public office. Surely, constitutional tinkering no matter how desirable, it is not for a postulant who had adjured in public to protect, defend and respect the extant constitutional discourse unless that tyro was jeering at the folly in us. The main frailty in CCM-CUF perennial squabbles over the constitutional order is a refusal to widen the ownership base to include everybody else.

    In the CCM-CUF eyepiece, we do not matter since the ‘victor's justice' at the ballot box between themselves is sufficient cause to disown us from contouring a constitutional order we cherish!!! One may fully understand why CCM which is still recovering from a one party megalomania is recalcitrant at acknowledging the constitution is the people's document but for CUF which has never tasted power and corruption at state level must be ashamed of itself for falling prey to CCM's histrionics.

    The axiomatic wisdom of "Do not argue with a fool or nobody will notice the difference." should have enlightened CUF to snub CCM abracadabra of bewitching them to adopt CCM constitutional bigotries. CUF should have fought to expand democratic space rather than playing catch-up games to CCM's tantrums.

    With CUF replicating CCM not only in organizational structures but also in philosophical proclivities one wonders what policy differences between CUF and CCM still linger. With all political parties in the opposition ranks outwitting each other at who are the best CCM cusp mutants, it is voters who feel shortchanged with the proliferations of political parties which blurb nothing new while are increasingly clamouring for taxpayers to lactate their administrative appetites.

    Issues on political table for the last thirteen years had everything to do with our inept "Katiba". CCM over the last decade has reminded us that our "Katiba" is an excellent law demanding no major shifts! It was through this kind of constitutional denials that under CCM mantle a constitutional congress is profligacy the poor nation can ill afford!!

    But CCM equivocation is translucent when it comes to rewriting the whole constitutional order through proletarian impetus whereof the ruling party shies away on the pretext that we have the best constitutional covenant the World has ever seen while privately piecemeal legislative constitutional gnawing is always handy in fixing the "good document" to stratify the status quo in our political realm.

    Inasmuch as the CCM-CUF cabal has been chest thumping to chastise the legitimate role of a commoner on matters ‘constitutional' both the opposition and civil society are committing complicity crimes against the populace through their inordinate ennui.

    Like a Hollywood happy ending movie, CCM-CUF belligerent intonations have reminded every Tanzanian that the duet has no constitutional legitimacy to forge our common future.
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    bitimkongwe JF-Expert Member

    Sep 25, 2010
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    Rutashubambele na Chadema imetokea wapi?

    Wapinzani wote wanaiga CCM labda wewe una usongo fulani na CUF.