Cardi B Talks About Jet Ski Photo With Offset Saying "I Just Had To Get F-cked"


Nov 2, 2018
Contrary to previous reports, Cardi B has asserted that her latest rendezvous with Offset in Puerto Rico was not the result of any reconciliation, but rather a transactional interaction when she and her estranged husband were photographed on a jet ski in the Caribbean nation. On Saturday, Cardi took to Instagram to clear the air and give the backstory behind the photograph.

According to the "Money" rapper, the jet ski instructor tricked Cardi into letting him take her picture

“Let me tell you something about the jet ski n-gga, right?” she says in the video. “The instructor or whatever the **** he is — he was taking pictures of us on his phone like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna send you these pictures so you guys can have a memory and I’m going to delete it.’ I’m like, ‘Oh ok.’"

"What type of professional shit is that," she adds after revealing that the instructor is the one who sold the photo to the media.

She goes on to hold up a copy of the company's brochure and warns those online to stay away from the company. Before the clip ends, someone seems to ask Cardi why she was with Offset in the first place, and the answer is quite simple: "I just had to get fucked. That’s all," she says before slyly turning to look back at the camera.

Source: Cardi B Talks About Jet Ski Photo With Offset Saying "I Just Had To Get F-cked"


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