By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another

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Aug 7, 2020

"By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:35.

Clenching his jaw, the young disciple forced himself to watch Jesus die. Hours before things had seemed so perfect. He was enjoying dinner with Jesus, sitting right next to Him- his favorite place. After dinner they had gone for a hike together up to the olive groves. Then the perfect evening became the worst nightmare of his life.

A mob brandishing sticks and clubs burst through the trees. Judas confidently announced, "This is the One!" The mob grabbed Jesus and bound Him. Bewildered and afraid, the disciples abandoned Jesus to the mercy of the crowd.

John crept from shadow to shadow following the crowd from a safe distance as they half led, half dragged Jesus to the court. He slipped into the courtroom and watched as Jesus was accused, beaten and sentenced to death. He was silent. Now, too late, he wished he had spoken up.

He found himself at the foot of the cross. Where were all the other disciples? He knew why he was there. As he heard Jesus gasp the words, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing," John reflected on what the Teacher had done for him.

He was the youngest one, "The kid." There was a big age gap between him and the rest of the team. Why the Teacher asked him to follow was difficult for any of them to understand.

He had not come with recommendations. Everyone knew that he had a violent temper. When he was offended, he responded with a vengeance. No one knew when his anger would explode. So the team expended no extra love on him. No one would have cared if he had just run home to his mother.

But the Teacher loved him as if he were His younger brother. He listened when the others ignored him. He walked beside him.

The Teacher took him everywhere. And the Kid watched, listened and changed. More than anything, he wanted to be just like the Teacher. The honest love of the Teacher transformed the Kid into someone very much like the Teacher Himself.

Now at the foot of the cross, the Kid watched the Teacher die. Hot tears ran down his cheeks when Jesus asked him to care for His mother Mary. The Kid stood by when it seemed the whole world laughed at his Friend. No one had ever loved, cared, and believed in him like Jesus. This time he would not run away.

A few days later he ran to an empty tomb. He lived the rest of his life for the One who loved him most, Jesus, the living, risen Savior of the world. Years later, "The Kid" wrote the Gospel of John. In this letter, John refers to himself simply as "the one Jesus loved."

1. Name the top three people you love. Name the top three most difficult people in your life to love. Why do you love some and have difficulty loving others?

2. Read John 13:35. What is the mark of a disciple of Jesus?

3. If you are curious, read the following texts to see how Jesus invested in John: Matthew 4:21; 17:1-13; Mark 5:37-43; 10:35-40; 13:3; 14:32, 33; Luke 9:49-56; 22:8; John 19:26, 27.

4. How do you love people in your life who are very difficult? Read Ephesians 4:29-32.

Choose a person a your life who needs more of your love.
Try out these helpful steps:

(a) Pray for them.

(b) Ask God to give you a love for them.

(c) Say only what would build them up with kindness and respect.

(d) Surrender all your bitterness to God.

(e) Go out of your way to bless them.

5. What would happen in your life if you began to love everyone you meet like Jesus loves you?
Take the first step.

God bless you!!

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