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Business mission to DRC

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by JuaKali, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Business mission to DRC back with cheering tales

    2008-12-02 10:30:28
    By Zuwena Shame

    A business mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is just back home with inspiring exposures on plethora of potential trading opportunities which could readily benefit Tanzania�s traders.

    The mission was organised by the Board of External Trade (BET) end of last month and it toured western and eastern parts of the country where useful trade exhibitions were also held.

    Revealing about mission�s findings on Saturday at a press conference, Moshi rural MP, Aloyce Kimaro who was among eight mission�s partakers said that Lubumbashi and Kinshasa are particularly expedient places where small businesses from Tanzania could permanently relocate and grow.

    Even more informative is the discovery that strong demand for a good range of Tanzania�s farm products does exist over there, industrial manufactures like building materials and engineering services like civil and building works.

    As a landlocked country, clearing and forwarding services are also badly needed in DRC, while other items such as office automation products, beverage, transportation and warehousing and also demanded.

    ``The list is long as it incorporates items such as eggs, iron sheets, nails, maize, wireless printers, cameras, faxes, contractors, tomatoes, beans, cement and onions``, he said.

    He said the potentiality of DRC reminds us that Africa has lots to be proud of, including some market segments which could be exploited internally through intra-trade.

    ``We should not wait for foreigners to take over all market outlets in our continent, but strive to take up unfolding opportunities in Africa for ourselves``, said Kimaro.

    Regarding ongoing war in eastern DRC due to rebellion led by dissent General Lawrence Nkunda, Kimaro said the only affected regions are those surrounding Goma, which is 2,000km from Lubumbashi.

    ``For all days we stayed at Lubumbashi and Kinshasa, I didn�t hear a single gun shot, while even radios, TVs and newspapers hardly report about that war``, he said.

    For his part, the BET Director of Research and Planning, Samuel Mvingira said BET would extend similar trade missions to other border countries such as Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia.

    Mvingira said that the journey through the said countries can be assessable for business like from Tanzania one can reach Zambia and hence DRC.

    Mvingira also admitted that Lubumbashi and Kinshasa are the best places for doing businesses and so he urged the government to establish a small diplomatic mission for purposes of facilitating business operations undertaken by Tanzanians.

    The request is said to have already being tabled to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for consideration.

    For the time being, he mentioned lack of banking services in Lubumbashi and Kinshasa as one of the major challenges facing businesses over there.

    ``The passage of close to 90 percent of DRC imports is via Dar es Salaam marine port, and so its efficiency, coupled with well functioning roads and railways would make Tanzania a better option for transiting goods``, he said.

    An exhibition participant Isaac Ntale from Palemon Construction Ltd in Mwanza said building business is highly demanded in DRC.

    DRC lacks infrastructures like roads, communication backbones, dams and buildings, he said.

    Recent trade mission to DRC is partly a reflection of the spirit of the second joint permanent commission meeting between Tanzania and DRC held six years ago in Kinshasa.

    That meeting agreed to enhance cooperation between the two countries in commerce, environmental conservation, tourism, culture and arts, youths and sports, education and scientific research, transport, communication, maritime and air cooperation