Browsing internet on Blackberry without a special pack from an operator

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Jun 16, 2010

Uncle Rukus

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]So you bought a new blackberry. Cool ha! Now you want to do all the possible things with your blackberry. Check your mail, browse internet, etc.etc.. So how do I configure internet on my blackberry.

I wanted to do the same. I had GPRS activated on my number however I was unable to browse internet from my blackberry. It used to give me a message "Check your Wi-Fi connection ". So I called up the customer care and the representative told me, "You CAN NOT browse internet on blackberry with normal GPRS, you have to buy a special data pack only then I will be able to use internet on blackberry. I said,"what nonsense? I have a device with capability to connect to internet. Only thing that I need is connectivity. So why not GPRS?" Strange, so I started looking on the internet for all the possible way to browse the internet with GPRS and I found a workaround.
Let's go slow here. First of all let me tell you what you need to do first.
1 – You need to go to Menu – Manage connections – Mobile Network
It will ask you for the APN name & Password. You can get the APN name and password from your provider. (For Airtel ; APN Name :- Airtel Password :- leave it blank)
Once you are done with this. You need to turn on your GPRS connection.
Now go to your computer. Download "Opera mini" browser on your desktop
Transfer it to your Blackberry
You will find it under downloads
Install it.
From here onwards ,whenever you want to browse the internet .Just open the opera connect with GPRS and you can browse the web.
However on the flipside, you can not watch videos like you tube or google videos with the help of Opera.
Checking Emails on Blackberry :-
The other thing that you would like to do is to check you emails on blackberry. Well if you want to check the gmail you can download the Gmail application for blackberry for free Gmail for mobile .
Well if you want to check the corporate email on blackberry without paying for extra blackberry data plan to your mobile operator then you can download Funambol from Funambol Open Source Mobile Cloud Sync and Push Email. This is a 90 days free trial. I don't know how much they charge after that, but its worth a try.
Other applications that I found worth downloading are
1)Google Mobile App:- Gives you the power to access all the google services at one place.
2)Google Maps:- Well you can access it from google mobile app. However if you are a frequent traveler and needs to go to maps regularly. It's good to find directions with this app
3) File Scout: -So you want a explorer so that you can access all your files the windows way. Well this application solves the problem.
That's it for now. Will keep you posted if I find anything new. Till then happy browsing on your blackberry and lets tell the operators that they can not full us with anything

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