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Bogus certificates: Start from the top!

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by BAK, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. BAK

    BAK JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    Bogus certificates: Start from the top!
    Adam Lusekelo
    Daily News; Tuesday,September 30, 2008 @20:01

    SOME smart Bongo guys from the National Examination Council of Tanzania (Necta) have surfaced with an ingenious way of making an extra buck -- selling fake certificates.

    The Necta chaps put their bongos together and decided there is money to be made from their boring jobs. They are using the old Tanzanian adage: "When things get tough, you don't get angry – just get smarter."

    So they decided to be a bit more creative at Necta. Legions are flunking in exams and those legions need certificates to get jobs. So the ‘creative’ guys at Necta reasoned that they will make certificates for the failures. A certificate can be yours if you flunked in your ‘O’ or ‘A’ levels. Provided, that is, you are ready to part with about $300.

    In some brilliant piece of investigative journalism a local hack, Mkinga Mkinga, got himself a certificate showing that he sat for his Form Six examination at Jitegemee Secondary School- Dar es Salaam in 2004, and scored a Division Two of 10 points, the highest, in the National Examination, assuring him an automatic admission to a public university.

    The certificate, No. 074631, shows that he scored two ‘Bs’ in History and Geography, a ‘C’ in English and a Subsidiary in General Studies. The hack’s contact said there was nothing to worry about as the person who had originally been issued with that certificate was dead.

    The syndicate earns the crooks good money from charges of the certificates which range from $300 to up to a $1500 depending on the pass mark you want and the urgency with which one wants the document.

    The expose has vindicated widespread concern among the public and academic circles that many people are fraudulently obtaining fake or stolen certificates to gain entry to university or land plum jobs in banks and other private companies and parastatals.

    The findings come barely two weeks since Necta announced that some 6,000 certificates have been stolen from their offices.

    Officialdom knows about the scandal. The Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Prof Jumanne Maghembe has said that the problem, which is bound to undermine confidence in the education system, is getting out of hand unless immediate steps are taken to stamp it out.

    “The high incidence of fake academic certificates being used by people looking for jobs is just a tip of an iceberg and could impact adversely on professionals.” he has said.

    Prof Maghembe has said that the government is contemplating drastic measure as a means to curb forged school certificates to gain admissions to universities and other institutions of higher learning and obtain jobs. Critics doubt if the government really means to come down hard on fake certificate dealers.

    The Parliament itself has reportedly come under nationwide scrutiny with a rash of questionable PhDs claimed by a good number of MPs.

    “It is easy to tell the real PhDs from the fakes in Parliament. Just wait till when they open their mouths and you will know,” said one critic of the Tanzanian education system.

    He suggested that if there should be a thorough evaluation of Tanzania’s education system, then it should start from the top.

    In May, the Necta Executive Secretary, Dr Joyce Ndalichako, told reporters that of the 8,421 students who sat for the Grade A teachers’ exams countrywide, 529 had their results cancelled because their secondary school certificates were found to be fake. Besides the racket in fake certificates, the council is also grappling with problems of cheating in national examinations.

    In a teachers' college in Tanga, of 658 candidates who enrolled for the studies in 2006 nearly half were found to have gained college entry using fake documents.

    Last week, eight employees of the Bank of Tanzania were charged in a Dar es Salaam court forusing forged certificates to obtain jobs. They denied the charges and were granted bail. Ring a bell?
  2. BAK

    BAK JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2008
    Joined: Feb 11, 2007
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    Waajiri watahadharishwa kuhusu vyeti bandia
    Na Boniface Meena

    WAAJIRI wametakiwa kushirikiana na Baraza la Mitihani Tanzania (Necta) katika kuhakiki uhalali wa vyeti vya wafanyakazi kabla ya kutoa ajira.

    Wito huo ulitolewa na Katibu Mtendaji wa Necta, Dk Joyce Ndalichako wakati akieleza kuwa vyeti vimekuwa vikighushiwa kwa wingi ili kuwawezesha watu kupata kazi.

    "Kutokana na maendeleo ya teknolojia wanaoghushi vyeti inaweza isiwe rahisi kwa waajiri kugundua vyeti halali na feki, lakini NECTA ina uwezo wa kutambua," alisema Dk Ndalichako.

    Alisema kuwa, kutokana na uhakiki wa vyeti vya taasisi mbalimbali, baraza hilo limebaini kuwa zipo mbinu nyingi zinazotumika katika kughushi vyeti.

    Dk Ndalichako alisema mbinu hizo ni pamoja na kubadili jina au alama katika cheti halali kilichotolewa na Necta

    Mbinu nyingine ni kutumia cheti bandia kuchapa matokeo sahihi kama yalivyotangazwa na Necta na kutumia cheti bandia kuchapa matokeo ambayo hayapo kabisa katika kumbukumbu za baraza hilo.

    Dk Ndalichako alisema takwimu zinaonyesha kuwa katika mwaka 2007/08 vyeti vilivyohakikiwa ni 3,636 ambapo 605 sawa na asilimia 16.6 vimebainika kuwa ni vya kughushi.

    Alisema ili kudhibiti suala la kughushi vyeti Necta itaanza kutoa matokeo(result slip) kwa kufuata utaratibu unaotumika kutoa vyeti kuanzia kwa watahiniwa wanaotarajiwa kufanya mtihani wa kidato cha nne wiki ijayo.

    "Result slip zote zitapelekwa katika shule husika ili kuepuka uwezekano wa kutolewa kwa mtu asiyestahili," alisema Dk Ndalichako.