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Jul 17, 2008
"Health and Beauty"

Dear Friends,

We all know the importance of having good health and beauty.
One needs to be aware of what is happening to his/her body everyday.
At the age 18 - 23 most of us have/had all the good looks and attractiveness!
A firm and strong body!
After 23 our bodies start to change due to a lot of factors.
To maintain our bodies health and beauty we need to;
-take an ion cleanse body detoxification
-protect your body from radiation
-eat the right foods
-drink enough water
-use supplements/vitamins/health drinks to fill the gap of skipped meals.
-reduce the extra weight on your body - for your wellbeing and beauty.
-walk daily and do physical exercise.
These are the secrets to real "health & beauty".
For assistance in fulfilling your goals, please, PM - SUNSHINE
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