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Bodrum Airlines (Talking Turkey)

Discussion in 'Jokes/Utani + Udaku/Gossips' started by X-PASTER, Mar 11, 2009.


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    Mar 11, 2009
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    Talking Turkey

    Turkish airline produces a hilariously garbled English translation of their rules and regulations.

    # You do not get rezarvation with Bodrum Airlines.

    # You can not give back your ticket, but, if you annonce us before 24 hours your depart that you cannot fly you can use your ticket with in one year. After passing one year, you can not fly with your ticket.

    # You have to pay extra price if your baggece more than 10 kg. if aircraft baggece cappacity is avalleble.

    # Lost baggece insurance is 20.000 - TL (Twenty Thawzent)

    # Ticket price for 0-2 year ache babys are 10% of normal price.

    # You have to get in touch with contuar befe 30 mitutes of the departure, atherwine you don't get on the board and you don't have any rights for justice.

    # Your ticket cann't bu used if you be late or you miss departure time.

    # If someone gets ticket by doing tricky, Bodrum Airlines has rezerved the rights that there is no must to give a permation that passenger gets on the board.

    # Bodrum Airlines is able to cary all passengers and baggeces but if any unusual things happen the can pany can change schadule or find another aircraft or company.

    # Bodrum Airlines is not able to cary out flight schadule if an unusual thinks take place like bed weather, NOTAM, float, fire, eath queke, war, gone of elefricity, natural disaster, etc.

    # Each passangere has ensurance 25.000.000 - TL (Twenty five milyon TL)

    # Pragnent and sick people have to have doctor's permetion that they can get on the board.

    # Do not allawe to drink alcaol and smoke cigarets on board.
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