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I tried Dr. Neil Simon's 'E Harmony' online dating system a year or so ago, and found it completely rewarding. There is a very intense screening process that you have to go through yourself called the 'personality profile'. This is a serious of psychological questions about likes/dislikes, beliefs, mannerisms, etc. They site they matches you up with people whom meet your profile requirements and whom they think will best suit you. Once 'matched', you begin answering multiple choice questions, and then written questions as you progress stages. If the person wants to talk with you, you then have the opportunity to send them a message and then all communication between you and them is open. I met some great people off of there and found the 'matches' to be fairly true to what I look for in a person. I would recommend it to anyone considering online dating but it is a little costly. -J. Daeschler

I just went to my friends wedding in May. He met his bride in an on-line dating service. E. Elrick

I am a big fan of online dating. I have I meet many people through and online service called "Mi Gente" and "Blackplanet". I have met people throughout the state and sometimes I go on dates if I am in Chicago. (Most of the ment I meet are in that area). It's very interesting. Ty Martin

I do not have a problem with adults taking part on online dating, but I do have a problem with young kids taking part in this sort of thing. I have just heard of too many horror stories about older men trying to take advantage of young people in this situation. No matter how old you are you had better do your background on these people before you meet them amd meet the people in a public place the first time. Bret Helms

My brother met his wife on the Internet, and it seemed to have worked out well for him! I think it should be restricted to adults, for obvious reasons. Of course, Internet dating is bound to be frought with disasters, but after all, isn't dating in general? I see the benefits of getting some information before wasting time meeting in person -S. Yunker

I agree with many of the comments listed so far. I believe there is nothing wrong wiht using technology to assist you with meeting the right person. However, that said individuals need to be smart to approach to on-line dating. Do research to determine what services are good and which ones might hook you up with a Ted Bundy. I have seen research that 25% of underage children will be approached on-line in a sexual manner. Be safe and be smart. T. Ashley

Safety is a major concern when meeting people on-line as far as I am concerned. I think that it would be difficult to get a good idea of who someone is without meeting them in person. At the same time you may meet with someone in person and have one idea and then the person turns out to be totally different. M Rice

I agree with the above statement about safety. I had tried internet dating at one point about 4 years ago, and although I encountered no safety issues, people seem to not filter their personal information as seriously over the internet as they do in person. Plus, you never know if the person you are chatting with is 16 or 36, as there is a certain amount of anonimity on the internet. Ironically as an alternative to the internet, I opted for speed-dating and met my wife as a result. In a speed-dating situation, you actually can get to know a lot about a person in 3 minutes and it's not a threatening environment. My wife and I have been happily married for almost two years. - W. Rank

I have found the online dating world to be a mixture of excitement, embarrassment, and insecurity. I have met some interesting people online, and also have met some people I wish I hadn't! --David Roth

I have several friends who have tried meeting people they met on online dating services and MySpace. Not one of them has gone on more than one date this person. I have never tried it, because it seems awkward and it's very scary to meet someone that way. There are always stories in the media about all of the online predators. - K. Shifflet

After trying online dating a few years ago, I was disappointed in the kinds of people on the sites. I am an extremely social person but thought I'd give it a try. Does online dating perpetuate some social skill deficiencies? In addition to some other thoughts above, I am very worried about teenagers and the internet. Many students of mine post a LOT of information on MySpace....multiple photos of themselves, their friends, their schedules, where they work--some even post their phone numbers! Discretion is the key because as DateLine has shown us, it is very easy for predators to take advantage of teens and adults alike. -M. Hanes
Assume ufanye online dating na boy/girlfriend wako, au mumeo/mkeo... patamu hapo?

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