Biogas- renewable energy


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Jan 23, 2010
Biogas is produced from manure and some biodegradable substances in a special environment.
People would not suffer if they could use this source of energy.

Biogas can be used direct in cooking, refrigeration, heating, transportation and electricity generation while the digestate (bio slurry) from the digeter(biogas plant) is very high quality manure to be for any soil and plant also it can be used in aquaculture.

People who keep cows, hens, goats, pigs etc can produce their own gas sufficient for cooking their daily meals plus lighting etc depending on biogas volume.
The volume of biogas production is affected by;-
  1. Type of raw materials
  2. Ammount of Raw materials and
  3. Size of biogas plant (biodigester)

If someone has a family of 6 people and they keep two cows, it is approximated that these cows can produce 40kgs of manure which is sufficient for production of enough biogas for cooking.
For pigs they should be minimum of 10 Hogs which gives 40kg manure per day.

Before any biogas plant is built, a study is done to determine ammount of feedstock versus demand of gas to be used. After this study then a designing is done and hence the construction.

Some of the advantages of biogas production are; Uninterrupted sourse of gas, Cost saving, Eco frienly, Eradicating health hazards to people, Getting high quality manure fr production of high quality organic crops etc. Manure can be sold as slurry or dried and packed for easy transportation. Keep earth green, make people heathy save and make money by using BIOGAS.


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Can you help us please! Is it a must to use manure from cows only? If not you should have used the word Cattle instead of being too specific!
Job K, the fact is you can use almost every thing degredable, thats why it called bio--plants, and animals, dudus and evry thing. so if you read the thread correctly it says that "the amount of gas can be affected by the type of raw material used" that means even ur septic tank at home u can use the inside stuff to produce gas, but watch out amout of water!!
Can you help us please! Is it a must to use manure from cows only? If not you should have used the word Cattle instead of being too specific!

As exper 27 said and my post said, Yo can use manure and most of biodegradable materials (not all). For example most kitchen waste can be used, some grasses are good also. Manure is from all animals. That's why I mentioned cows, hens, goats, hogs, etc. The technology is affected much on 1. Type of raw materials 2. Design of the plant and 3. Workmanship.

For home scale biodigesters (biogas producing plants), the possible raw materials are all type of manure and kitchen waste plus food scrap (NOTE:most of them not all). The volume of raw materials available will determine the size of plant and hence the volume of gas to be produced. Those materials are to be mixed with certain ratio of water (it differs from material to material) before put in the digester. Also some materials have to be prepared using different procedures before mixing them with given ratio of water. The simplest material to use without lot of complications is manure.
Construction of biogas plant takes one month and in the next month you will start using your own gas.
If you are in need of the biogas plant you can PM me for detailed info.

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