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Mar 31, 2007
Woman puts red-hot knife in girl's genitals

From MARC NKWAME in Arusha, 10th November 2010

ARUSHA is increasingly becoming home to bizarre incidents as evidenced, this time, by a blood chilling occurence in which a woman is alleged to have inserted a red-hot knife in the private parts of her step-daughter.

The incident is alleged to have been carried out by a 29-year old lady, Ms Eunice Francis, a resident of Sanawari area of this sprawling municipality. As this is not enough, Anold Ramsoni (54) who lives in 'Kambi-ya-Fisi' in Arusha area is in police custody for allegedly chopping off the palm of his house servant.

In the first incident, the victim, an eight-year-old girl (name withheld), is currently admitted to the regional Mount Meru Hospital suffering from serious injuries. The girl had apparently gone to visit her grandmother known as 'Bibi Telee', but upon returning home, the step mother summoned her.

The girl recounted later that she found her step mother heating the knife on an open fire. When the knife was red-hot, the woman grabbed the girl, stuffed her mouth, pried her legs open and proceeded to torture the child with the hot steel blade.

The girl was left to suffer the pains of the genital mutilation throughout the night and the following day, the mother locked the girl in the house as she went out to attend her daily duties in town.

Later the girl managed to get out of the house and tried to seek help from the neighbours who took her to hospital. They also reported the matter to the police who went to look for the woman and managed to find her in town selling roast maize.

"She has so far allegedly admitted to have committed the offence but argues that the treatment was meant to teach the child not to come home late, something which the woman claims, was a common behaviour of the girl," said the Regional Police Commander, Mr Matei Basilio.

The police commander also blamed the girl's father for not taking care of his daughter because even on the fateful night, the father had gone home and didn't even ask for his daughter but he only learnt about the issue after the neighbours stepped in.

In the second incident, the victim, Mr Emanuel John (18), who serves at a local soup and beef outlet, lost his hand when his employer, reportedly followed him at a butcher shop in Ngarenaro area where he was sent to buy meat and hit him with a 'simi' (double edged word).

Mr Basilio said the young man was sent to purchase meat on Tuesday and as he took a long time to returning and customers becoming impatient, Ramsoni decided to check on the house of the servant.

"He reportedly found the young man standing somewhere talking into a mobile phone. The furious employer decided that it was the handset which was keeping his boy busy and therefore pulled out his sword and slashed the hand which was clutching the cell phone," the RPC said.

The young man screamed before he fell and lost consciousness. According to Mr Basilio, people in the area became too busy trying to save the life of the profusely bleeding young man, including rushing the victim to hospital such that they did not pay much attention to the suspect who disappeared after committing the offence.

The RPC said later the suspect was spotted at Kambi-ya-Fisi locality and the angry crowd arrested him giving the soup-dealer a thorough beating before the police arrived and saved him from mob justice

Source: Daily News
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