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bill gates III the anti christ.did you ever knew this

Discussion in 'Jokes/Utani + Udaku/Gossips' started by napster, Mar 4, 2010.

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    napster New Member

    Mar 4, 2010
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    therevsmall.jpg (1693 bytes)

    Bill Gates III, The anti Christ?

    Well, this page is going to be both strange and interesting at the same time. We all use Microsoft products, Windows 95/98 mainly. And these products are manufactured by Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates is Chairman of Microsoft.

    Bill Gates' real name is William Henry Gates III. Most today call him "Bill Gates III", where "III" means the order of third (3rd).
    The American Standard Code for Information Interchange

    "ASCII" is an acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. There is a set of numbers ranging from 0 to 255 which represent the characters used by the computer. All characters you see on your keyboard are represented by a number within the range of 0-255(one byte). An uppercase "a" would be 65, an uppercase "b" would be 66 and so on.

    Below is an ACII code chart for your reference. This chart only shows the first 128 characters(0-127). The characters from 128 to 255 are extended ASCII codes and are not needed for my illustration. In reading the chart below, "Dec" stands for "decimal", and "Char" stands for "character". The corresponding characters appear to the right of the Decimal number and the decimal number is the ASCII code.

    ASCII Table - for your reference

    Dec Char Dec Char Dec Char Dec Char
    --------- ---------- -------- --------
    0 NUL (null) 32 SPACE 64 @ 96 `
    1 SOH (start of heading) 33 ! 65 A 97 a
    2 STX (start of text) 34 " 66 B 98 b
    3 ETX (end of text) 35 # 67 C 99 c
    4 EOT (end of transmission) 36 $ 68 D 100 d
    5 ENQ (enquiry) 37 % 69 E 101 e
    6 ACK (acknowledge) 38 & 70 F 102 f
    7 BEL (bell) 39 ' 71 G 103 g
    8 BS (backspace) 40 ( 72 H 104 h
    9 TAB (horizontal tab) 41 ) 73 I 105 i
    10 LF (NL line feed, new line) 42 * 74 J 106 j
    11 VT (vertical tab) 43 + 75 K 107 k
    12 FF (NP form feed, new page) 44 , 76 L 108 l
    13 CR (carriage return) 45 - 77 M 109 m
    14 SO (shift out) 46 . 78 N 110 n
    15 SI (shift in) 47 / 79 O 111 o
    16 DLE (data link escape) 48 0 80 P 112 p
    17 DC1 (device control 1) 49 1 81 Q 113 q
    18 DC2 (device control 2) 50 2 82 R 114 r
    19 DC3 (device control 3) 51 3 83 S 115 s
    20 DC4 (device control 4) 52 4 84 T 116 t
    21 NAK (negative acknowledge) 53 5 85 U 117 u
    22 SYN (synchronous idle) 54 6 86 V 118 v
    23 ETB (end of trans. block) 55 7 87 W 119 w
    24 CAN (cancel) 56 8 88 X 120 x
    25 EM (end of medium) 57 9 89 Y 121 y
    26 032 SUB (substitute) 58 : 90 Z 122 z
    27 ESC (escape) 59 ; 91 [ 123 {
    28 FS (file separator) 60 < 92 \ 124 |
    29 GS (group separator) 61 = 93 ] 125 }
    30 RS (record separator) 62 > 94 ^ 126 ~
    31 US (unit separator) 63 ? 95 _ 127 DEL

    The only ASCII codes you need to look at are the numbers for the letters for certain alphabetic characters. And now for some strange stuff. Take all the letters in "Bill Gates III" and convert each letter to the corresponding ASCII code (with the exception of the "III" which are all ones, Roman numerals). Then ADD them all up... you will get 666.

    B I L L G A T E S I I I
    66 73 76 76 71 65 84 69 83 1 1 1

    "Coincidence", you say? Here do more, take the letters "WINDOWS 95," and do the same thing as above. The sum again is 666!

    W I N D O W S 9 5
    87 73 78 68 79 87 83 57 53 1

    Windows 95 was released in August 1995. There must be a hidden reason for this, that would make up for the "1". The only thing I can think of is the "95", 9 + 5 = 14 - 1 = 13 which is a Masonic number.

    M S - D O S 6 . 2 1
    77 83 45 68 79 83 32 54 46 50 49

    Strange? Coincidence? Three times it happened! What are the odds of all these ASCII numbers adding up to 666? three different times!?!?!?!?!?

    There's more......

    Try this with the OLD Excel 95 (not office 97):

    1. Open a new file

    2. Scroll down until you see row 95

    3. Click on the row 95 button, this highlights the whole row

    4. Press tab, to move to the second column

    5. Now, move your mouse and click on help THEN about Microsoft excel

    6. Press ctrl-alt-shift and click on the tech. support button simultaneously


    This is really eerie okay... it has a doom style format and you can walk all around the hall... and on the sides of the walls are the names of the tortured souls....

    8. NOW WALK UP THE STAIRS AND THEN COME BACK DOWN, FACE THE BLANK WALL AND THEN TYPE IN "EXCELKFA." What this does is it will open the blank wall to reveal another secret passage, walk through the passage and BE CAREFUL! do not fall off, when you reach the end, you will see something really really eerie....

    Countless witnesses all over the world have verified this point... It's really an eye opener. It could be a joke by Microsoft Programmers, or is it? I wouldn't be surprised if Bill Gates was "The Antichrist". It is foretold in the Bible that someone powerful would rise up and lead the world to destruction.

    And Bill Gates definitely has that kind of power in his hands. More than 80% of the world's computers run on Windows and DOS, including those at the Pentagon!, REMEMBER THE PENTAGON????? If all his products have some kind of small program embedded (like this Hall of Tortured Souls) that can give him control, setting off nuclear arsenals, creating havoc in security systems, financial systems all over the world, etc...... All from his headquarters isn't a far off reality! Just using Internet Explorer may just allow him to map out what you have on your computer bit by bit each time you log on.

    REVELATION 13:16-18, "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich or poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." REFERENCE; King James Bible

    A computer can only do what it is programmed to do. THE HALL OF TORTURED SOULS was deliberately programmed into Microsoft software by Gates himself or somebody else within Microsoft did it. There is no mistaking this. Computers do not make this stuff up on their own!


    Certain companies are in no doubt linked to this Satanic Brotherhood. Some companies use Satanic symbology such as Delta Airlines, America Online etc. use the pyramid/triangle. And these companies are controlled by Lucifer. Proctor & Gamble are also linked to Satanism.
  2. Kiranja Mkuu

    Kiranja Mkuu JF-Expert Member

    Mar 4, 2010
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    Asante sana kwa shule.
    Huu sio udaku, ni kweli kabisa.
  3. Kiranga

    Kiranga JF-Expert Member

    Mar 4, 2010
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  4. ThinkPad

    ThinkPad JF-Expert Member

    Mar 4, 2010
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    Aisee sio mchezo asante kwa information
  5. Kabuche1977

    Kabuche1977 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 4, 2010
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    kaka yaani hapa mwili mzima umenisisimuka, all what you underscored seem to be true, nina wasiwasi sana na huyu jamaa, make hata mwenyewe kampuni ninayofanya nayo kazi ina symbol kama ya kishetani hivi,kitu kama hitler symbol, sasa huwa sielewi kabisa. Anyway mimi binafsi naona we are to the edge of repenting, labda siku zipo karibu sana. Hata ukiangalia kwenye microsoft ukitumia excel utakuta kuna lile tukio la sept 11 limo, so unakuta hawa jamaa had these vision hata kabla havijatokea, am afraid the guy might be the said anti-Christ
  6. kisasangwe

    kisasangwe JF-Expert Member

    Mar 5, 2010
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    oh maimai i feel like turning ma chomputa off.
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