Beware of thieves called 'mafisadi'!


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Feb 11, 2007
Beware of thieves called 'mafisadi'!
Daily News; Sunday,May 18, 2008 @00:06

CCM members in Mbeya region, and indeed all over the country, have not been exactly tickled dizzy by jibes from the opposition groups. Cheeky opposition guys have been yelling ‘mafisadi!’ whenever they see CCM members wearing their green party colours.

I know it is embarrassing but what do you do when someone shouts ‘fisadi’ when you are strutting with your green party colours. The Mbeya CCM guys claim that not all CCM members stole the billions of dosh. I once even heard CCM secretary general, Joe Makamba say that CCM itself is squeaky clean. It is just a few guys in the CCM who concentrated on stealing peoples’ monies.

Joe might not have been told of a thing called collateral damage. It usually smears the entire group, those who stink and even those who don’t. When cops find you with guys smoking ganja they pick-up all, including those who don’t smoke. If the cops find you in a den of thieves they pick all the guys.

If you are caught giving the glad eye to someone’s wife, you can’t claim that you had no naughty intentions and was just joking. I feel sorry for the Mbeya green shirts. This is just not going to go away. We were taught when we were little that stealing and lying are evil things.

But it seems as if we are being taught a new text. That you can steal and lie and get away with it. You can even have a party at your constituency and receive a red-carpet welcome using the money you stole.

Of course it makes the party look ridiculous. But we are getting used to things ridiculous. And so the empire is striking back and calling the greens ‘mafisadi’ Not a flattering name, I must say. But since the CCM are a majority in the Bunge, maybe they could pass a law banning the greens from being called ‘mafisadi.’

Under the Robbery Act of 2008 the word ‘mafisadi’ against CCM members is banned. Those found guilty will be shot after getting 12 lashes of the cane. Something like that. Then those members of the opposition will think twice before calling the greens ‘mafisadi’

But come to think of it the word ‘mafisadi’ is much better than ‘majizi’ (robbers). It is more sanitised and has got character. In fact I know a guy called Fisadi Jones. He drives a tinted Range Rover which he air-freighted from Britain. No one has asked him how he got to be fabulously rich. It is not in our culture to ask such questions!
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