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Be careful with maids !!!!!!!! Be afraid be very afraid!

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by NGULI, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. NGULI

    NGULI JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    In a today’s world, women have taken up challenges to emancipate themselves from the york of being “full house wives”. More and more females are geared to ascending the ladder of attaining higher educational statuses. But at the same time, family also demands its own challenges.

    In an attempt to balance the two equations, many women have taken to picking up maids as their aid to some other household chores, such as cookery, laundry, cleaning the house and tending to their infants as well as their children if any. But what is the price?

    According to 3rd degree investigators in South Africa and Zambia branch, they argue that 13 out of every 20 working females have a maid or a servant of some sort at home.
    Further, 3rd Degree reports that, child tending by maids is as common and normal just like other duties maids perform.
    However, one sad report noted was that, “in one of the household in central Lusaka , a couple was having problems at home with their first child.

    The lad was only 9 months old but was already becoming a sickler kind of child. He was in and out of hospital much to the anguish and torment of the new parents..
    One afternoon, the mother decided to see a private doctor, who upon doing a thorough medical checkup, decided to ask for the consent of the parents if he could be allowed to carry out an HIV/AIDS test for the child, to which the parents obliged.
    A test showed that the new infant was positive with HIV 3+ the worst and most devastating of the 3 HIV viruses so far discovered. It is believed to transmitted and propelled through infection and re-infections.

    N..B It is the reason as to why medics advise couples to use condoms even if both are infected so as to reduce re- infections which is more strenuous even for the ARV’s to contain as the cells are weakened more and more due to a continued HIV load.
    The mother took offence in this however, obliged and demanded that her hubby be tested too. She could not hide her emotions and blasted at her husband as being responsible for the illness that has be fallen the house..

    However, the man remained calm and said that he too, was surprised that their baby was HIV+ but assured the woman that he was not an infidel and was faithful to his marriage vows but this fell on death ears.

    And so it was that tests were carried out on the couple luckily none of the two was positive. They were both negative and healthy. They went to 3 other test centres but the results continued showing negative.

    This brought about a mis-understanding between the wife and the Doctor. However, a calm elderly doctor asked if at all there was any other person living with them at home and indeed they said they had a maid..

    The doctor asked them to be very cautious with her and that she should be brought to the clinic without disclosing any information for he thought he could handle her properly.
    That too was done, the maid was brought to the doctor, who as always, with patience and objectivity, counseled the maid and asked her if he could carry out the blood tests on her including HIV/AIDS to which she consented.

    The tests showed HIV 3+ on her. Meaning she had been infected and re-infected time and again. He asked her, in the absence of the couple, how well she kept the baby.
    The maid willingly said, at times the baby would cry a lot and so hopelessly refuse the feeding bottle, she would feel for the child and since she loved him, she would then breast feed the child upon which the child would stop crying and fall asleep. And that continued for a long time.

    It was at this juncture that the doctor discovered the ‘roots’ of the child’s sickness.
    He called the couple counseled them and informed them of the situation. The woman could not help weeping and wailing so much so that, the hate for the maid was all over her face. Though she had promised not to beat the maid, it was only the power of her husband and the doctor that saved the maid from receiving ‘hard brows’.

    After some weeks and after the child had died, the husband decided to go see the doctor and thank him his professional skills in respect to how he discovered and handled the whole thing.
    Out of curiosity, during the conversion, the man asked how the doctor figured out that it could be a third party involved with the illness of their child.

    The doctor calmly explained that, he had a similar incidence occurring before, that was even worse in that, besides the baby, one couple had even two other children aged 3 and 5 getting infected because, their maid was in the habit of using toothbrushes belonging to the kids.
    The very first thing she would do when she reported for work, was to clean up herself and take the courtesy of using free toothpaste but since she always forgot to buy herself a toothbrush, she would settle for any of the two toothbrushes around, unfortunately , which belonged to the other two children. She would then take them on the routine clean- ups before going to school.

    Sadly though, she had bruises in her mouth and immediately she finished brushing her teeth she straight away put the toothpaste on the brush and hurriedly gave the child to brush his teeth as well. This was done in an attempt to meet her time target of getting the kids to school in time, giving no time for the toothbrush to dry up.
    Whoops! The man vowed never to employ the maid, if he should employed one in future, he prayed for the passionate educating of the maids before hiring them. Never take maids for granted. Take precautions and counsel your maids in all areas or you would cry foul.

    You just will never know what goes on at home…you spend most of your day time during week - days at work, not so? So please try to educate your maid. It’s important, very important. Least your child is breastfed or someone using your, and your child’s toothbrush.

  2. J

    Joyceline JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Inategemea siyo wasichana wote wa kazi wana matatizo, wengine ni wazuri tu mpaka wanakuwa party ya familia,
    Mama yangu anaishi na msichana wa kazi tangu 1984 mpaka leo, na huyo binti/ sasa hivi ni mama, yuko nyumbani kwetu mpaka leo amezaaa watoto wake wakubwa wanasoma amekuwa mmoja wa familia yetu.
  3. Akili Unazo!

    Akili Unazo! JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Amezaa baada ya kuolewa au walimdo na akapatia mimba nyumbani kwenu?
  4. Waberoya

    Waberoya Platinum Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Pia kuna cases nyingi ambazo maboss wana watreat vibaya sana hawa maidsa this is bad, you can trigger anything!
  5. K

    Kilambi Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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  6. Mbogela

    Mbogela JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Ukisoma hii habari you will see kuwa huyu maid alikuwa mzuri sana, alimpenda mtoto wa boss wake, shida alikuwa hana elimu ya kutosha how to care.
    There are so much mistreatment of the maids, many of them are not even allowed to eat on the table with the family, they have to eat different food. Husbands are forcing them in bed woooh for cheap promises, when they fall pregenant they thrown out like cow dung
  7. M

    Malila JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Kwa hapa niseme tu,ukipata maid mzuri shukuru Mungu,wengi si wazuri. Kwa waumini wa imani za kidini,mwombe Mungu akusaidie kukupa msaidizi mzuri.
  8. J

    Joyceline JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    alipewa mimba na wanaume wawili tofauti akazalia nyumbani, hakuwa na pa kwenda
  9. J

    Joyceline JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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  10. Power to the People

    Power to the People JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Finding a reliable hse help these days ni ngumu sana especially if you have small kids. Ni ngumu sana kuondoka kwenda kazini na kumuacha mtu na mtoto wa miezi mitatu. lakini unashindwa ufanyeje you have to go to work or else hakuna kula.