Baraza La Mawaziri!


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Jan 30, 2008
NAIROBI, April 3 - President Mwai Kibaki will announce the new coalition cabinet on Sunday, breaking a deadlock over the core component of a landmark power sharing deal reached in February.....
Baraza la mawaziri la watu 40 is a big joke and somebody
needs to tell Kibaki and Raila such.Hio bajeti ya hawa
mabwana itakua astronomical na walalahoi wataumbuka tu!
Kuanzia mishahara,benefits na pension packages...kutakua na
mishahara ya assistant ministers na permanent secreataries.
Hata Moi mwenyewe hakuwa na seketa kama hii.

The mood is one of betrayal especially by ODM supporters.
Wanaona ni kama Raila kawasaliti kwa kubali hii ishu na Kibaki.
Wabunge wamekua mabepari sasa na bado waanze kujilimbikizia
mishahara and such....

Kuna mtu hapa husema waafrika ndivyo tulivyo!!!!...need I say more?Kenya kwazi kwenu!!!
April 4, 2008: The Kenyan taxpayer will bear a Sh2 billion burden annually in salaries and allowances over five years for the 40-member grand coalition Cabinet that was agreed yesterday.

President Kibaki and Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga said the Cabinet — one of the largest in independent Kenya’s history — will be announced on Sunday. In agreeing on 40 members, the two showed they had little regard for public opinion that has been heavily tilted against a bloated government.

Mr Kibaki’s PNU and Mr Odinga’s ODM are obliged under the power-sharing deal brokered by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan to get an equal share of the Cabinet positions.

Implementation of the Annan accord, which is based on portfolio balance and strength of representation in Parliament, has been at the centre of a stalemate that has delayed formation of a new government for nearly three weeks.

Mr Odinga yesterday said a compromise had been reached to quell growing anxiety over the matter. And the Presidential Press Service said: “Both parties are pleased with the outcome of the discussions in the spirit of give and take.”

But it was not clear if the 17-member Cabinet that Kibaki appointed at the height of the post-election crisis would be dissolved to pave way for a new one. Treasury is expected to make hard choices in raising money to finance the bloated Cabinet and the large bureaucratic machinery that will be required to run the newly-created ministries.

It will have to choose between raising the tax or turning to domestic and foreign debt markets to finance the Cabinet.

Neither option is favourable at a time when the ordinary Kenyan is expected to face serious hardship in a less vibrant economy underlined by rising consumer goods prices.

Each minister earns an average of Sh1.1 million a month, including the Sh887,500 they are entitled to as MPs. This translates to Sh996 million annually for a Cabinet of 40.

Remuneration packages for the PM and two deputies are yet to be determined but the prime minister is expected to earn more.

An equal amount of money will be spent on the pay perks of assistant ministers who earn at least Sh950,000 every month and may number more than 40.

At the rate of Sh2 billion per year, the Kenyan Cabinet stands out as one of the most highly paid group of advisers in the world. The ministers earn Sh200,000 as responsibility allowance every month, for which assistant ministers take home Sh100,000.

Only Sh200,000 of the ministers’ earnings classified as basic salary is taxable. This compares poorly with the rest of Kenyans who have to part with at least 30 per cent on their monthly incomes –– salaries and allowances.

Mr Tiberius Barasa, a policy analyst with the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR), said the financial burden could become even more as ministers use their positions to reward their cronies at the tax-payers’ expense.

Ministers and their assistants also enjoy other perks and privileges like security both in their city and rural homes, limousines, chase cars, medical insurance and club membership, making the Government spend more than Sh800 million on their allowances annually — enough to build 400 classrooms at a cost of Sh200,000 each.

The bloated Cabinet also raises the danger of the civil service expanding by a wide margin as the State hires staff for the new ministries.
Permanent secretaries, who will also number 40 earn a minimum of Sh213,640 and a maximum of Sh423,280 a month, besides the Sh80,000 and Sh75,000 they take home in entertainment and extraneous allowances.

Other senior government officers who enjoy fat cheques include deputy permanent secretaries, finance officers, directors in ministries as well as provincial and district commissioners.

Concern has been rising that these public officers take home fat pay cheques regardless of the state of the economy.

Ministerial positions place them favourably to influence the initiation, implementation and funding of projects under their dockets.
Hapa ndio utakuwa juwa wananchi wengi wasio na hatia walikufa kwa ajili ya matumbo ya watu wachache.
Kenyan leaders in fresh bid to break stalemate over cabinet

Nairobi, Kenya - The waiting continued Sunday for Kenya's power-sharing cabinet as President Mwai Kibaki deferred the naming of the ministers, after four hours of talks with his Prime Minister-designate, Raila Odinga, on the distribution of the posts.

President Kibaki took an hour's break after holding the talks with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Odinga, on the formation of the coalition government in line with National Reconciliation Act, signed on 28 February, ending the country's stalemate.

The formation of the power-sharing cabinet is seen as the most crucial step towards setting off Kenya on the path to community reconciliation after months of a political standoff that was triggered by the 27 December presidential polls.

"President Kibaki and Raila have taken a short break and are resuming discussions at 1600 local time," Kenyan Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua said on Sunday.

He said the meeting between Kibaki and Raila went on well.

The two sides announced on Thursday that they had struck an agreement on all outstanding issues regarding the size and composition of the cabinet.

Earlier, it was understood that Odinga had backed down on his party's demand for the Finance Ministry, in exchange for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ODM also wants Local Government, Energy, Transport and Health.

President Kibaki's Party of National Unity (PNU), whose ministers already occupy the ministries in question, have put up a spirited opposition to the possibility that the ODM Nominees could take over those ministries.

PNU has agreed to offer ODM what experts have termed as 'peripheral ministries' including Culture, Sports, Youth, Immigration, Industry and Arid Lands.

The sharing of the ministries is reflected in the Reconciliation Accord, in a clause which directs that the PNU and ODM will be equal partners and will form a coalition government reflecting their parties' parliamentary strength and portfolio balance.

Odinga's Orange Party has insisted that if his ministers do not get the posts he has demanded, the party would not accept the new cabinet.

"They want to have everything, they want us to be passengers in the new government," the Sunday Standard quoted Odinga as saying over the new cabinet deadlock.

Odinga's Party said on Saturday that its list of ministries was as far as it would compromise on the cabinet, having given in to PNU's demands for the expansion of the cabinet to include 40 ministers, against the popular demand of Kenyans.

On Saturday, the civil society threatened to hold streets demonstrations to block regional leaders from attending the inauguration of the new cabinet and the swearing in of the Prime Minister unless the cabinet is reduced to 24 ministers.

The government has defended the intended formulation of the bloated cabinet, Kenya's largest since independence in 1963, citing the need to have an inclusive cabinet.

"We would be swallowed alive. We cannot go telling the other communities that want to be included in the cabinet that the civil society has said the cabinet has to remain lean," Mutua said on Friday.

President Kibaki and Odinga called in senior politicians from their respective sides to hold a joint meeting on Sunday as they took a break from the negotiating tables.

Nairobi - 06/04/2008
ODM quits cabinet talks

By Standard Reporter

The Orange Democratic Party has suspended talks
with President Mwai Kibaki's Party of National Unity until he agrees to share power fairly.

"We have resolved that negotiations be suspended until PNU fully recognizes
the 50/50 power-sharing arrangement and the principle of portfolio balance,"
Anyang' Nyong'o, the party secretary-general said in a press conference
moments after the party held a joint parliamentary group and national executive council meeting.

The two main political parties and their allies have been holding separate parliamentary group meetings
to ostensibly brief their members the progress and issues vexing the formation of grand coalition government...VIOLENCE FLARES!
ODM climbs down on key posts


Publication Date: 4/12/2008

ODM on Friday appeared to have softened on its earlier demand to play a role in appointment of permanent secretaries, ambassadors and parastatal chiefs.

ODM director of communications Salim Lone addresses a press conference at Pentagon House where he refuted claims that ODM was standing in the way of a new Cabinet. Photo/ PHOEBE OKALL
At the same time, ODM spokesman Salim Lone said Prime Minister-designate Raila Odinga was willing to hold a meeting on the formation of a grand coalition government with President Mwai Kibaki “any time the latter invited him do so”.

Speaking at Pentagon House in Nairobi, Mr Lone said ODM was not giving any conditions on the appointment of top civil servants but it “would want to be consulted before their appointment was announced”.

“As an equal partner in a grand coalition government, it is only fair that ODM is consulted before top civil servants such as permanent secretaries are appointed,” he said.

“Just as with the proposed Cabinet, these senior positions must also reflect the diverse face of the nation...

“At the moment, this is not at all the case, and in fact is a source of immense concern in the country.” ...MAELEZO ZAIDI!!!
Suala la baraza la mawaziri Kenya kuwa na mawaziri 40 ni upuuzi wa hali ya juu.Na hii inaonyesha picha halisi ya viongozi wetu kwamba nafasi zao hazipatikani kihalali.Wale wenye sifa ni masikini hivyo wasiokua na sifa ni matajiri na ndio wanao chukua hizo nafasi.

Kinachofanyika sasa ni kwa Rais kama kutoa asante kwa waliosaidia kumchagua kwani viongozi wetu hutoa ahadi kwamba nisaidieni nikipata nitakupa uwaziri.Sasa Kibaki alijua mawaziri wote atawatoa yeye lakini mambo yamebadilika what to do akaona baraza liongezeke.

Ukubwa wa baraza hili haulengi kumkomboa mwananchi wa Kenya hata kidogo bali ni kumdidimiza kiuchumi kwa sababu gharama ya kuendesha baraza hili ni kubwa sana.Na mbaya zaidi watakao pewa uwaziri hawako komited na uongozi wa kuwatumikia wakenya bali wanamtumikia Kibaki.Ngoja tuone mwisho wake.
Lakini hivi kwanini Kibaki asinyang'anywe nchi ya Kenya,wakati mazingira yote yanaonyesha kibaki hajapata ule urais kihalali?Viongozi wote walioshiriki kumuacha kibaki madarakani na wao ni wezi wa kura katika nchi walizotoka.

Utamaduni tuliouzoea rais akishinda uchaguzi siku ya kuapishwa anawaalika marais wenzake ili washuhudie uapishwaji wake.Kwa kibaki haikua hivyo,kwa nini lakini,Why?Within half an hour matokeo ya urais kutangazwa then mtu anaapishwa kama sio kiini macho.Washauri waliokwenda Kenya walitakiwa kumuondoa Kibaki na ikiwezekana ha kwa mtutu wa bunduki.

Hivi jamani nasikia tuna chombo cha umoja wa mataifa,then tunayo AU,+ sadc,vyombo hivi vinakazi gani kama sio kushughulikia haki za wanyonge kama kina Odinga?Au ni vyombo bandia au vipo tu kinafiki,wanachokifanya ni nini kama sio kutetea uhalifu.
Lakini hivi kwanini Kibaki asinyang'anywe nchi ya Kenya,wakati mazingira yote yanaonyesha kibaki hajapata ule urais kihalali?Viongozi wote walioshiriki kumuacha kibaki madarakani na wao ni wezi wa kura katika nchi walizotoka.

Utamaduni tuliouzoea rais akishinda uchaguzi siku ya kuapishwa anawaalika marais wenzake ili washuhudie uapishwaji wake.Kwa kibaki haikua hivyo,kwa nini lakini,Why?Within half an hour matokeo ya urais kutangazwa then mtu anaapishwa kama sio kiini macho.Washauri waliokwenda Kenya walitakiwa kumuondoa Kibaki na ikiwezekana ha kwa mtutu wa bunduki.

Hivi jamani nasikia tuna chombo cha umoja wa mataifa,then tunayo AU,+ sadc,vyombo hivi vinakazi gani kama sio kushughulikia haki za wanyonge kama kina Odinga?Au ni vyombo bandia au vipo tu kinafiki,wanachokifanya ni nini kama sio kutetea uhalifu.

Babuu eeh, heshima yako natanguliza,

The problem with hizo organs hususan zile zilizopo Africa ni kwamba they prefer status quo than to ruffle feathers.Tunajua Kibaki kaiba kura laiv lakini gues what, the AU let him address the gathering in Addis Ababa as the President of Kenya.The only country that said something to the contrary ni South Africa.Lakini wengine wote waliuchuna tu.

Mfano mwengine ni Mugabe...mbona siku zote hizi hawajafanya lolote la maana ili kumngatua huyu baradhulli mamalakani?Sometime me thinks those are offices for folks to make money coz when it comes to the nitty gritty hakuna asemaye kitu.

Kura za Nigeria nazo je?...Atiku Abubakar kafungiwa nje ya kampeni mpaka dakika za mwisho eti nd'o kapewa rukhsa ya kugombea ambapo ni too late!Yar'dua akachukua ngoma kiulaini bila kelele yoyote...hata mmarekani aliongelea akiwa kando na bila shinikizo!
Meanwhile mambo ni kama haya ndani ya Kibera,Nairobi!!!!



Reliable sources have hinted that the cabinet may be announced tomorrow and sworn in on Monday. President Kibaki has been meeting secretly with Hon. Raila and the spent six hours together today with no statement to press.

Will keep u posted.
Tungojee hiyo kesho manaake hawa jamaa hawatabiriki.

Kenyan president, opposition chief reach cabinet deal: officials

Kenya President Mwai Kibaki and would-be prime minister Raila Odinga on Saturday reached a coalition government agreement and a new cabinet will be announced on Sunday, political and diplomatic sources told AFP.

"The two leaders held talks today and agreed on a new coalition cabinet that will be unveiled tomorrow around lunch time," a top Kenyan political source, close to one of the leaders, told AFP.

A Western diplomat, whose government has been pressing for a deal, confirmed that an accord had been reached.

"We have been informed that a cabinet deal has been reached and we expect to announced tomorrow. The two leaders are keen to have a cabinet before parliament resumes on Tuesday," added the diplomat.

The agreement was struck after Kibaki and Odinga held closed-door talks in Sagana State Lodge in central Kenya, they said.

The much-delayed unveiling of a unity government is a key step in implementing a February 28 power-sharing deal aimed at quelling violence that broke out following Kenya's disputed December polls, killing at least 1,500 people and displacing hundreds of thousands.

The cabinet, which was scheduled to be announced Sunday last week, was put off after the two leaders failed to agree on a 50-50 sharing of key posts.

The new line-up will effectively replace the current 17-member cabinet that Kibaki hastily assembled after he was controversially declared re-elected in the December 27 polls.

It was unclear whether they will name a 40-member cabinet, a number that had initially been agreed, but opposed by many Kenyans, notably civil society groups and newspapers.

Odinga, the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement party, is expected to become prime minister under the power-sharing accord that has been entrenched in constitution.

Western powers have piled pressure on the pair to implement the accord, mediated by former UN chief Kofi Annan, which curbed tribal fighting, revenge killings and police crackdowns that erupted following the elections which Odinga accused Kibaki of rigging.


President Kibaki walks to a Kenya Airforce chopper after meeting with ODM leader Raila Odinga at the Sagana State Lodge, Nyeri, yesterday. Photo/Paul Wanjiru​


Publication Date: 4/13/2008

There was optimism Saturday that the Cabinet could be named on Sunday after President Kibaki and Prime Minister-designate Raila Odinga were flown by the military to the Sagana State Lodge on the slopes of Mt Kenya for private talks

An official who is normally conversant with the negotiations said there had been a definite breakthrough in everything and that a cabinet will be named any time.
As this report was being published, top officials were said to be going to a meeting understood to be related to the announcement
President Kibaki and Mr Odinga arrived for the talks at 11 a.m. and finished at 6.30 p.m.
The talks were attended by President Kibaki, Mr Odinga and one security person. The setting of the talks were a tranquil and peaceful environment. There were no phones and no politicians hanging around.
The two leaders had lunch together for one-and-a-half hours.
The President and the ODM leader had landed at the heavily guarded presidential retreat in three military helicopters at 11 a.m.
Mr Odinga was assigned a separate helicopter. The choppers were parked at a ground adjacent to the lodge for the rest of the day...MAELEZO ZAIDI
Hatimaye Mzee Kibaki ametangaza cabinet!

Full Cabinet list

Office of the President
1. Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security
Minister: Prof George Saitoti
Assistant Ministers: Simon Lesirma and Joshua Orwa Ojode

2. Ministry of State for Defence
Minister: Yusuf Haji
Assistant Ministers: David Musila and Joseph Nkaisserry

Office of the Vice President
3. Vice President and Minister for Home Affairs: Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka
Assistant Minister: Lorna Laboso

4. Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons
Minister: Gerald Otieno Kajwang’
Assistant Minister: Francis Baya

5. Ministry of State for National Heritage & Culture:
Minister: William ole Ntimama
Assistant Minister: Joel Onyancha Omagwa

Office of the Prime Minister:
6. Prime Minister: Raila Amollo Odinga
Assistant Minister: Alfred Khang’ati

7. Ministry of State for Planning, National Development and Vision 2030:
Minister: Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya
Assistant Minister: Peter Kenneth

8. Ministry of State for Public Service:
Minister: Dalmas Anyango Otieno
Assistant Minister: Aden Ahmed Sugow

9. Office of Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Trade:
Deputy PM and Minister for Trade: Uhuru Kenyatta
Assistant Minister: James Omingo Magara

10. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Local Government
Deputy PM and Minister for Local Government: Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi
Assistant Minister: Robison Njeru Githae

11. Ministry of East African Community
Minister: Amason Kingi Jeffah
Assistant Minister: Peter Munya

12. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister: Moses Wetangula
Assistant Minister: Richard Momoima Onyonka

13. Ministry of Finance
Minister: Amos Kimunya
Assistant Minister: Dr. Oburu Oginga

14. Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs
Minister: Martha Karua
Assistant Minister: William Cheptumo Kipkorir

15. Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development
Minister: Mutula Kilonzo
Assistant Minister: Elizabeth Ongoro Masha

16. Ministry of Roads
Minister: Kipkalya Kones
Assistant Ministers: Wilfred Machage and Lee Kinyanjui

17. Ministry of Public Works
Minister: Chris Obure
Assistant Minister: Dickson Wathika Mwangi

18. Ministry of Transport
Minister: Chirau Ali Makwere
Assistant Minister: John Harun Mwau

19. Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Minister: Charity Kaluki Ngilu
Assistant Minister: Mwangi Kiunjuri

20. Ministry of Regional Development Authorities
Minister: Fredrick Omulo Gumo
Assistant Minister: Judah Katoo ole Metito

21. Ministry of Information & Communications
Minister: Samuel Poghisio
Assistant Ministers: George Munyasa Khaniri and Dhadho Godhana

22. Ministry of Energy
Minister: Kiraitu Murungi
Assistant Ministers: Charles Keter and Maalim Mohamud Mohamed

23. Ministry of Lands
Minister: Aggrey James Orengo
Assistant Ministers: Silvester Wakoli Bifwoli and Samwel Gonzi Rai

24. Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources
Minister: John Michuki
Assistant Ministers: Ramadhan Seif Kajembe and Jackson Kiplagati Kiptanui

25. Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife
Minister: Noah Wekesa
Assistant Minister: Josphat Koli Nanok

26. Ministry of Tourism
Minister: Mohamed Najib Balala
Assistant Minister: Cecily Mtito Mbarire

27. Ministry of Agriculture
Minister: William Samoei Ruto
Assistant Ministers: Japhet Kareke Mbiuki and Gideon Musyoka Ndambuki

28. Ministry of Livestock Development
Minister: Mohamed Abdi Kuti
Assistant Minister: Bare Aden Duale

29. Ministry of Fisheries Development
Minister: Paul Nyongesa Otuoma
Assistant Minister: Mohamed Abu Abuchiaba

30. Ministry of Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands
Minister: Ibrahim Elmi Mohamed
Assistant Minister: Hussein Tarry Sasura

31. Ministry of Cooperatives Development
Minister: Joseph Nyagah
Assistant Minister: Linah Jebii Kilimo

32. Ministry of Industrialisation
Minister: Henry Kiprono Kosgey
Assistant Minister: Ndiritu Murithi

33. Ministry of Housing
Minister: Peter Soita Shitanda
Assistant Minister: Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Kariuki

34. Ministry of Special Programmes
Minister: Dr. Naomi Namsi Shabani
Assistant Minister: Mohamed Muhamud Ali

35. Ministry of Gender and Children Affairs
Minister: Esther Murugi Mathenge
Assistant Minister Atanas Manyala Keya

36. Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
Minister: Beth Wambui Mugo
Assistant Minister: Dr. James Ondicho Gesami

37. Ministry of Medical Services
Minister: Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o
Assistant Minister: Danson Buya Mungatana

38. Ministry of Labour
Minister: John Kiyonga Munyes
Assistant Minister: Sospeter Ojamaa Ojamong’

39. Ministry of Youth and Sports
Minister: Dr. Helen Jepkemoi Sambili
Assistant Ministers: Wavinya Ndeti and Kabando wa Kabando

40. Ministry of Education
Minister: Samson Kegeo Ongeri
Assistant Ministers: Prof. Patrick Ayiecho Olweny and Andrew Calist Mwatela

41. Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology
Minister: Dr. Sally Jepngetich Kosgey
Assistant Ministers: Kilemi Mweria and Asman Abongotum Kamama

42. Office of the Attorney General
Attorney General: Amos Wako

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