Ballali still enjoying government perks


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Feb 11, 2007
We have the Government of retarded people. How could this happened after such a big scandal? :confused:

Ballali still enjoying government perks


Dar es Salaam

FORMER Bank of Tanzania boss Daudi Ballali is not only a free man, he is also still enjoying some of the perks of his old job, despite being sacked as central bank governor nearly five months ago over the theft of more than 133bn/- from the external payment arrears account (EPA).

This comes following revelations that Ballali is still occupying the official residential house of the central bank governor although he is no longer an employee of the bank.

In the meantime, Prof. Benno Ndulu, -- the new BoT Governor who replaced Ballali -- has been forced to make do with rented accommodation.

It is understood that the BoT management had to rent a house and make suitable renovations to the building before the incumbent governor could actually move in.

While the central bank currently faces a shortage of houses to accommodate its senior officials, including Prof. Ndulu and his three deputy governors, Ballali's belongings are safely locked inside the executive BoT Governor's house at the Masaki neighbourhood in Dar es Salaam.

This has forced the BoT to rent several houses at considerable cost to taxpayers to accommodate some of its senior management staff.

Sources close to the Ballali family say the former governor was now believed to be making plans to vacate the BoT house.

''Ballali is expected to send his relatives to collect his belongings from the Masaki house so that it can be formally returned to the BoT,'' said one of the sources.

At the time Ballali was dismissed from his job by President Jakaya Kikwete in January this year over the EPA scandal, he was reportedly bedridden in the United States undergoing medical treatment.

The incumbent BoT boss, Prof. Ndulu, confirmed to THISDAY that the sacked Ballali still occupies the Governor's house.

''There are certain procedures being followed because a person must usually be given sufficient time to remove belongings from company houses after cessation of employment,'' he said yesterday.

Prof. Ndulu explained that he had originally been allocated the house currently being occupied by Ballali.

''I was first staying at a private house, but later moved to another house rented by the BoT after it was renovated because of a shortage of company houses,'' he said.

The State House Director of Communications, Salva Rweyemanu, sensationally declared this week that Ballali was not regarded as a wanted man by the government despite being implicated in the massive misappropriation of funds from the BoT.

The Ikulu spokesman asserted that the state was not the least interested in the current whereabouts of the former governor because he was now just a ''private citizen.''

There has been a chorus of calls for the deportation of Ballali back to Tanzania to face possible criminal charges after the US revoked his visa following his sacking.

While Ballali appears to have no plans yet to return home and try to clear his name, there have been suggestions in both public and political circles that he should be arrested to help with the ongoing high-level investigation into the EPA scandal.
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