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Baby for sale(video)

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by babu M, Sep 26, 2010.

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    We nail evil pair as they sell a baby for £35,000

    CAUGHT: Javed held by cops as he counted cash. PHOTOS: James Vellacott / Bradley Page / Rob Todd

    By Stephen Moyes, 26/09/2010
    THESE are the dramatic moments when the News of the World smashed a sickening plot to sell an 11-month-old girl for £35,000.
    Child abuse investigation cops swooped as evil Rana Javed - who masterminds a baby-trade racket - greedily counted the money out on a hotel bed while the mother handed her infant over to our undercover investigators.
    News of the World smashes vile plot to sell 11-month-old baby for 35,000 pounds
    The end of the deal - which you can see in our gripping video - followed a series of secret meetings and phone calls in which grasping illegal immigrant Javed kept hiking the price for the youngster.
    I can arrange a boy or girl... a Hindu or Indian or Sikh baby. Whatever the buyer wants
    To push the sale through, the fixer promised a fake birth certificate for the child he called "Doll" and showed her off to our couple as if he was selling a puppy.
    "Look, she's looking (at you). Normally a girl that age should start crying," he simpered. "She is behaving herself very well. I just think you should take her today."
    And the mother, called Nosi, was so desperate to sell her little daughter she would ring our couple if the tot started gurgling so they could listen to her down the phone.
    Our team, posing as a man and wife desperate for a child, contacted Javed through a middle man - also working for us - after we were tipped off about his vile trade.
    Pakistani Javed, 48, bragged: "I can arrange a boy or girl. I can arrange a Hindu, Indian or Sikh baby - whatever the buyer wants."
    Getting straight down to his shameful business, he immediately texted a photo of a pretty baby girl and her mother to the middle man and indicated that the youngster was on the market for a huge fee.
    Within hours a "viewing" had been arranged at property dealer Javed's own home in Ilford, Essex.

    DEAL: The baby's mother and 'uncle' negotiated to sell her to our team
    As Nosi, a 28-year-old illegal immigrant who has been in the UK three years, sat cradling her baby, the portly fraudster sold us the line that he was an 'uncle'.
    He said he was only trying to sell the youngster to get her a better life and raise money for her mother to start a new life in India.
    To draw our couple emotionally into a sale he urged prospective dad, Hasan, to stick his tongue out playfully for the little girl.
    When Hasan cooed and asked her, "Who am I? Am I papa?" Javed eagerly butted in: "Look how she understands! Now go in front of her, see what she does. Look what she is doing! She's looking."

    Then Javed got businesslike again, explaining how he could get our couple a fake birth certificate from Pakistan once they'd decided on their own name for the child.
    "The day you give me her name I will get it done within a week," he said.
    "The certificate will be made in Lahore. Listen carefully. It will be attested by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Once it is attested, nobody in the world can challenge it. You have to take this certificate to the GP and school and get her registered."
    The cold-hearted pair then happily posed for a series of photographs with the baby and her prospective new parents. They handed the sleepy child over for cuddles and hugs.
    Our couple asked Nosi, from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, if she was certain about giving up her only child. She calmly turned to Javed and said: "I can see from them, they will look after her."
    She claimed the money from selling her baby would enable her to fly home and start a new life by getting married and having more children.

    Nosi even gave our couple handy tips for caring for the baby.
    "At night time you have to keep her milk ready. She wakes up two or three times during the night," she said. "As soon as you give her milk she is happy. She drinks no water.
    "The only time she cries is when she's on the potty. Whatever face you make she will mimic back."
    Then Javed got down to the money, at first playing out the line that he was just trying to help his niece raise money. "As the saying goes, give what you are happy to give," he said.
    But when our couple offered £10,000, Javed showed his true colours.
    "I've told Nosi she will receive £20,000 to £25,000," he snapped. Our couple left, telling Javed they would think about it.
    On September 16 we filmed a meeting between the baby's mother and 'uncle' and our middle-man. The greedy couple now wanted a deposit before they handed the baby over.
    Our man repeated the terms of the deal, testing Javed by trying for the lower amount: "You will give your daughter to them and they will give you £25,000. That day before, we said £20,000."
    Edgy Javed jumped in: "No, £25,000. In Indian money, 2.5 million rupees."
    The middle-man asked Nosi if she was happy to give her daughter to the new couple in exchange for cash. She said: "Yes" and added: "I want to give the baby when I go."
    Javed again chipped in: "The decision is made, that they will pay the money and get the baby."
    Nosi emphasised there was no way she would ever see her daughter again, saying all too casually: "I'm going to be in India so how am I going to be in contact?"
    Javed then made calls to our couple demanding that the buyers pay for his child in "cash, cash, cash". He demanded a deposit for the baby, but Hasan refused, pointing out that Javed could just scarper with the cash.
    Javed dropped his demand for a deposit, but boosted the cost of the baby to £40,000, saying how it would be split between him and Nosi. "You will give Nosi £25,000, okay? My thoughts are you give me between £10,000 and £15,000."
    Eventually a deal was reached for £35,000 for the child - and the handover was set for last Wednesday at Room 320 in the Viking Hotel in Ilford. By now we had shown our damning dossier to the police.
    Secret cameras were set up and a detective chief inspector and six officers from Child Abuse Investigation Command waited to pounce in Room 319.
    A team of social workers from Newham Council were in position in room 322.

    CUFFED: Baby sale mother Nosi is led away after the police swoop
    Just before 3pm Javed and Nosi arrived with the baby. On the double bed was a briefcase containing £35,000 in cash.
    As Nosi entered the room she casually handed her sleeping daughter to her new mum while Javed made straight for the cash in £20s and £50s, counting the bundles with a wide grin on his face.
    At a pre-arranged signal, Hasan opened the door of room 320 to answer a call on his mobile phone. And in rushed the police team who had been watching on monitors in their hideaway.
    Officers arrested Nosi and her crooked partner. Javed looked stunned and said: "Me? No. Why?" as he was handcuffed sitting on the bed; the £35,000 scattered untidily on the duvet around him.
    Nosi appeared bewildered as her hands were cuffed in front of her. She asked the Urdu-speaking translator present if she was being arrested for failing to secure the baby in a car seat on the journey to the hotel.
    A WPC carefully took the baby in her arms and carried her outside before handing her over to dedicated carers from Newham Social Services. Later the baby's 31-year-old father was arrested in East London.

    RESCUED: Tot taken away by police officer
    Last night police said that three people have been charged with child neglect and abandonment contrary to Section 1 of the Children's Act 1933. Rana Javed and the baby's real father were further charged with conspiracy to traffic an 11-month old girl for exploitation.
    All three were remanded in custody after appearing at Stratford magistrates' court, east London.
    A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed: "Following information passed to the Met's Child Abuse Investigation Command by the News of the World, officers arrested a 48-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman on Wednesday, September 22.
    "On September 23 a 31-year-old man was also arrested in connection with the investigation.
    "This relates to an undercover investigation carried out by the News of the World into the sale of a child in the UK.
    "An 11-month-old baby girl has been taken into the care of Newham Social Services."

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