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Mar 31, 2007
Father arrested for defiling daughter


From MARC NKWAME in Arusha, 10th November 2010

A 50-year-old resident of Usa-River in Meru District, Mr Andrea Manywele, is being held by the police for allegedly defiling his own daughter.

The suspect is reported to have initially beaten up the 10-year-old girl, a Class Four pupil, for no good reason. He then drove the tearful girl to bed and while she was fast asleep the father slipped in and allegedly had a carnal knowledge of the child.

The Regional Police Commander, Mr Matei Basilio, said the suspect would be appearing in court because the police investigations are almost over.

"The girl who was raped at midnight waited until morning before reporting the incident to her uncle Mr Jacob Emmanuel," said the RPC.

Mr Basilio narrated that the girl, the uncle together with the neighbours went to file the case at the Usa-River police station. But the father has so far denied to have committed the offence arguing that after divorcing his wife, her family has been working hard to try and implicate him in various offences.

According to Mr Manywele, 'his enemies' want to grab plots of land that he owns and the only way is making sure the suspect goes behind bars.

The Magadini Location Chairman, Mr Mathias Natari, who heads the precincts where the crime was allegedly committed said he was surprised that a man can commit such a crime on his own daughter.

He noted that he was even more shocked that the suspect had been repeatedly committing the offence and that he had been released when the incident was reported to the police.

"The girl is nursing wounds in her private parts and Meru District Hospital where she was taken for check-up has released a medical report to that effect," added the location chairman.
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Habari ndo hiyo . . .

Inaonekana kama fashioni siku hizi. Hata hivyo kwa binti wa miaka 10 hakika ni ukatili uliopita kipimo.

My Office Colleague jana alikuwa ananiambia kuna Ofisa moja wa Jeshi wa Cheo Cha juu alikuwa anakula kuku na mayai yake na mke wake alikuwa anajua fika kuwa anacheza mechi moja na binti yake lakini katulia tuli. Anasema sasa hivi baba yuko kwenye "Mtandao" tayari na ameunga network ya kina dada kibao.

Mitaa ya kwetu kulikuwa na Mkuu moja mstaafu wa Jeshi linalolinda usalama wa raia na mali zao naye alikuwa anakula kuku na mayai yake. Viliponoga akawaamisha mabinti wake 2 mikocheni na huko ngoma ya kwetu ikaendelea kuchezwa.
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