Attacked by viruses?

Maxence Melo

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Feb 10, 2006

Maxence Melo

JF Founder
Joined Feb 10, 2006
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Hi there,

Is your office attacked by viruses? Wanna get rid of them? Are you scared by the speed of your pc? Wanna get rid of trojans, worms, spywares?

Are you in need of getting back your data after formatting your hard disk? Did you delete files unintentionally?

We can help you! A group of IT geeks & a crew of 15 young IT staffs located in Dar es Salaam. Just gimme a call and we'll follow you!

We're doing

- Web Hosting
  • Backup Services
  • Domain Name
  • DNS Services
  • Database Package
  • Doc Storage Package
  • FTP Access Package
  • e-Security Package
  • e-Mail Package
  • e-Mail Marketing Package
  • Web Marketing Package
  • Web Hosting Package
  • Web Master Service
  • Web Photography
  • Script/Software
  • AOB Package
- Web designing
All types of web designing within only 1 week (database driven websites) & Only 3 days (for webs which are not database driven). We're doing all designs at a very cheap price! Try us.

Gimme us a call via w0rM - 0713/786 444 649

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