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At CCM convention, Mrema steals the show!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Rutashubanyuma, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Rutashubanyuma

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    As a CCM presidential candidate in 2005, Kikwete made some lofty yet grim prognosis of two opposition presidential rivals: Kikwete had promised he would seal a demise of political careers of CUF Professor Lipumba and TLP Mrema.

    Well, the good news for President Kikwete most Tanzanians are conveniently amnesic and hence few would hold him accountable come October for prophesying something that has not come to pass. In Biblical Deuteronomy 18: 22, we learn that whoever foreshadows something that does not come to pass his prophesy did not come from the Almighty God.

    Mrema told the recently concluded CCM convention that after being reduced into rubble not once but thrice in two decades of presidential scramble as far as he was concerned it was "Ke-Nako" for him to respectfully call it a day in presidential costly pretence. But he reminded his erstwhile CCM comrades that he would observe Nyerere's wisdom that had advised him candidly to seek parliamentary seat where the opposition was mostly needed.

    The pernicious reality for Mrema, twenty years is too far in the past and plenty of boon has already passed under the bridge to rely on Nyerere's vicarious goodwill for political survival. Even his perky host – Kikwete - forewarned him that CCM would also be fielding a parliamentary candidate where Mrema was seeking CCM blessings. I do not see Mrema making an impact in this election but he should console himself that he had the stamina to survive the Kikwete whirlwind of the last five years.

    Likewise for Prof. Lipumba, he would still be the most pestering presidential candidate come October knowing a least divided major opposition on presidential template promises him at least a respectful showing.

    But Mrema's real memorable moments must be on his speech albeit was laced with political satire. What CCM convention ducked was a reference to political history but Mrema filled that hiatus with gusto. Though his historical travails were suffusing with distortions but he raised nettling issues of governance which CCM mandarins were totally unprepared for. Part of Mrema's address was a total satire and parts a lamentation. He made wild references to Nyerere reign inferring it stammered to deal with graft but Mrema only cited one example where a graft suspect was controversially rewarded with a plum R.C post rather than being arraigning in a courtroom.

    When it came to the Mwinyi regime where Mrema had served in unconstitutional capacity of a Deputy PM he lost his benign composure. Former president Mwinyi could only heave under his chair while grimacing as Mrema berated CCM for shortchanging him after excelling as a graft-dragon slayer. You should have seen the CCM high table and in particular the Secretary General who was swearing under his breath for miscalculating and inviting Mrema, the rabble-rouser.

    Most CCM shenanigans had to restrain themselves from asking Mrema to scram for his dear life.

    On Mkapa regime, Mrema dismissed it altogether for embracing venality. After charming his audience with humour, Mrema surmised that from his historical perspective Kikwete had performed miracles! Knowing the subject of graft CCM has swept under the carpet as it stupefies its semi illiterate minions with conflicting economic data, Mrema summed up his one-man show with a standing ovation mantra: CCM was a political mammoth.

    CCM apex bodies' recount of our last five years situation was sizzling with concocted facts which nobody there dared to question. For example, how do you reconcile statistics claiming our per capita income has doubled at a time there was a concession a trickledown effect has failed to materialize and the economy was hard done by external factors?

    Budgetary allocations had truly doubled but its correlation to a puny economic growth is risible! Budgetary spike was not a product of domestic efforts but an extension of a generous hand of Uncle Sam and his retinue not excluding runaway devaluation of shilling and manmade inflation.

    Then there were hyperboles of infrastructural ruses aiming to obscure concerns upon metastasizing grand-graft. From CCM convention we learn grand graft is a goner but voters will have their say too come October.
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    Bwana Ruta wewe watokea wapi kule kwetu Bukoba? Kanyigo au?
    Ungeandika kwa kiswahili ingekuwa nzuri zaidi si unajua hiyo ndo lugha ya taifa?