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Astronaut Neil Armstrong Dead at 82 mtu wa kwanza kukanyaga Mwezi

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Duduwasha, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Duduwasha

    Duduwasha JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    (Reuters) - U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong, who took a giant leap for mankind when he became the first person to walk on the moon, has died at the age of 82, his family said on Saturday.
    Armstrong died following complications from heart-bypass surgery he underwent earlier this month, the family said in a statement, just two days after his birthday on August 5.
    As commander of the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. As he stepped on the dusty surface, Armstrong said: "“That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind."
    Those words endure as one of the best known quotes in the English language.
    The Apollo 11 astronauts' euphoric moonwalk provided Americans with a sense of achievement in the space race with Cold War foe the Soviet Union and while Washington was engaged in a bloody war with the communists in Vietnam.
    Neil Alden Armstrong was 38 years old at the time and even though he had fulfilled one of mankind's age-old quests that placed him at the pinnacle of human achievement, he did not revel in his accomplishment. He even seemed frustrated by the acclaim it brought.
    "I guess we all like to be recognized not for one piece of fireworks but for the ledger of our daily work," Armstrong said in an interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" program in 2005.
    He once was asked how he felt knowing his footprints would likely stay on the moon's surface for thousands of years. "I kind of hope that somebody goes up there one of these days and cleans them up," he said.
    James Hansen, author of "First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong," told CBS: "All of the attention that ... the public put on stepping down that ladder onto the surface itself, Neil never could really understand why there was so much focus on that."
    The Apollo 11 moon mission turned out to be Armstrong's last space flight. The next year he was appointed to a desk job, being named NASA's deputy associate administrator for aeronautics in the office of advanced research and technology.
    Armstrong's post-NASA life was a very private one. He took no major role in ceremonies marking the 25th anniversary of the moon landing. "He's a recluse's recluse," said Dave Garrett, a former NASA spokesman.
    Hansen said stories of Armstrong dreaming of space exploration as a boy were apocryphal, although he was long dedicated to flight. "His life was about flying. His life was about piloting," Hansen said.
    Born August 5, 1930, in Wapakoneta, Ohio, Armstrong was the first of three children of Stephen and Viola Armstrong. He married his college sweetheart, Janet Shearon, in 1956. They were divorced in 1994, when he married Carol Knight.
    Armstrong had his first joyride in a plane at age 6. Growing up in Ohio, he began making model planes and by his early teens had amassed an extensive aviation library. With money earned from odd jobs, he took flying lessons and obtained his pilot's license even before he got a car license.
    In high school he excelled in science and mathematics and won a U.S. Navy scholarship to Purdue University in Indiana, enrolling in 1947. He left after two years to become a Navy pilot, flying combat missions in the Korean War and winning three medals.
    After the war he returned to Purdue and graduated in 1955 with an aeronautical engineering degree. He joined the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA), which became NASA in 1958.
    Armstrong spent seven years at NACA's high-speed flight station at Edwards Air Force Base in California, becoming one of the world's best test pilots. He flew the X-15 rocket plane to the edge of space - 200,000 feet up at 4,000 mph.
    In September 1962, Armstrong was selected by NASA to be an astronaut. He was command pilot for the Gemini 8 mission and backup command pilot for the Gemini 11 mission, both in 1966.
    On the Gemini 8 mission, Armstrong and fellow astronaut David Scott performed the first successful docking of a manned spacecraft with another space vehicle.
    Armstrong put his piloting skills to good use on the moon landing, overriding the automatic pilot so he and fellow astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin would not have to land their module in a big rocky crater.
    Yet the landing was not without danger. The lander had only about 30 seconds of fuel left when Armstrong put it down in an area known as the Sea of Tranquility and calmly radioed back to Mission Control on Earth, "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."
    Aldrin, who along with Armstrong and Michael Collins formed the Apollo 11 crew, told BBC radio that he would remember Armstrong as "a very capable commander and leader of an achievement that will be recognized until man sets foot on the planet Mars."
    Armstrong left the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) a year after Apollo 11 to become a professor of engineering at the University of Cincinnati.
    After his aeronautical career, Armstrong was approached by political groups, but unlike former astronauts John Glenn and Harrison Schmitt who became U.S. senators, he declined all offers.
    In 1986, he served on a presidential commission that investigated the explosion that destroyed the space shuttle Challenger, killing its crew of seven shortly after launch from Cape Canaveral in January of that year.
    Armstrong made a rare public appearance several years ago when he testified to a congressional hearing against President Barack Obama administration's plans to buy rides from other countries and corporations to ferry U.S. astronauts to and from the International Space Station.
    Armstrong also said that returning humans to the moon was not only desirable, but necessary for future exploration -- even though NASA says it is no longer a priority.
    He lived in the Cincinnati area with his wife, Carol.
    "We are heartbroken to share the news that Neil Armstrong has passed away," the family said in their statement. "Neil was our loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend."
    His family expressed hope that young people around the world would be inspired by Armstrong's feat to push boundaries and serve a cause greater than themselves.
    "The next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink," the family said.
    Obama said that Armstrong "was among the greatest of American heroes - not just of his time, but of all time. ...
    "Today, Neil's spirit of discovery lives on in all the men and women who have devoted their lives to exploring the unknown - including those who are ensuring that we reach higher and go further in space. That legacy will endure - sparked by a man who taught us the enormous power of one small step."
    Glenn, an original NASA astronaut with Armstrong, spoke of his colleague's humble nature. "He was willing to dare greatly for his country and he was proud to do that and yet remained the same humble person he'd always been," he told CNN on Saturday.
    The space agency sent out a brief statement in the wake of the news, saying it "offers its condolences on today's passing of Neil Armstrong, former test pilot, astronaut and the first man on the moon."
    Armstrong is survived by his two sons, a stepson and stepdaughter, 10 grandchildren, a brother and a sister, NASA said.
    Some controversy still surrounds his famous quote. The live broadcast did not have the "a" in "one small step for a man ..." He and NASA insisted static had obscured the "a," but after repeated playbacks, he admitted he may have dropped the letter and expressed a preference that quotations include the "a" in parentheses.
    Asked to describe what it was like to stand on the moon, he told CBS:
    "It's an interesting place to be. I recommend it."
    (Writing by Philip Barbara, editing by Bill Trott and Christopher Wilson)

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  2. kmdh

    kmdh JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Huyu mtu aliwahamasisha wengi sana kuingia kwenye fani za engineering. He will be missed. R.I.P.
  3. Ndumbayeye

    Ndumbayeye JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    kweli dunia ni mapito!
  4. patience96

    patience96 JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Apumzike pema peponi (APEPE), mkuu Neil Armstrong! Dunia itakukumbuka daima!
  5. Root

    Root JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Duniani hatukai milele hapa twapita tu muda ukifika hata kama umefanya nini duniani kufa utakufa tu
  6. Dumelang

    Dumelang JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, has died aged 82.

    His family said they were "heartbroken" by his death and called him "a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job."

    They said he died from cardiovascular surgery complications following a heart bypass earlier this month .

    President Barack Obama hailed the astronaut as a "great American hero".

    As commander of the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969, Mr Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon.

    Moments after setting foot on the lunar surface, he uttered the famous quote: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

    The 38-year-old then spent nearly three hours walking on the moon with Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.

    As news emerged of his death, tributes poured in for the man dubbed one of America's greatest heroes.

    Buzz Aldrin tweeted: "On behalf of the Aldrin family we extend our deepest condolences to Carol & the entire Armstrong family on Neil's passing. He will be missed." amstrong.jpg

    Michael Collins, who flew to the moon with Mr Armstrong, said: "He was the best, and I will miss him terribly."

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said: "I met and spoke with Neil Armstrong just a few weeks ago.

    "His passion for space, science and discovery, and his devotion to America will inspire me through my lifetime."

    The US space agency tweeted: "Nasa offers its condolences on today's passing of Neil Armstrong, former test pilot, astronaut & the 1st man on the moon. Neil was 82."

    Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore said: "As the first man on the moon, he broke all records. I knew him well. He was a man who had all the courage in the world."

    Physicist Professor Brian Cox tweeted: "Sad to hear about death of Neil Armstrong. I do think Apollo was the greatest of human achievements. For once, we reached beyond our grasp."

    Former astronaut Tom Jones, who completed four space shuttle flights between 1990 and 2001, told Sky News: "Mr Armstrong was one of the astronauts that was my hero when I was growing up and I watched his initial landing on the moon in 1969 with incredible interest.

    "I wanted to do exactly what Neil, and Buzz, and Mike Collins were doing that time. I hoped that one day I would have the chance to participate in the space programme.

    "He really was an inspiration to an entire generation of people."

    He said meeting Mr Armstrong had been a "dream come true" and described being "star struck" by the chance to meet and work with his idol.

    "He's a very unassuming and friendly person when you get to know him in a professional setting," he added.

    Jamie Burgess, from the National Space Centre, told Sky News: "It's extremely sad news. It's a terrible shock to the science community. He will be sorely missed."

    An estimated 600 million people watched and listened to the first moon landing, the largest audience for any single event in history.

    Mike Cruise, professor of astrophysics and space research at the University of Birmingham, said: "The people at the front of the race always have to tread on new ground.

    "He led the whole world into a space era of greater proportion than has been achieved by satellites.

    "You wonder when his first steps will be followed up. It must have been very awe-inspiring to step on to, essentially, a new planet."

    Mr Armstrong and his wife Carol married in 1999 and made their home in the Cincinnati suburb of Indian Hill, but he had largely stayed out of public view in recent years.

    He spoke at Ohio State University in February at an event honouring fellow astronaut John Glenn and the 50th anniversary of Mr Glenn becoming the first American to orbit the Earth.

    Source yahoo News and Sky News
  7. mcubic

    mcubic JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Rest in ni kweli kuna siri kuwa aliamua kwenda kuishi Misri baada ya kutangaza kuwa kule mwezini alisikia adhana??
  8. MD25

    MD25 JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Ataukumiwa kwa kutudanya kwake kwamba 'alifika' mwezini...
  9. Pianist

    Pianist JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Hakuwa peke yake aliyehusika na 'kudanganya' unakokuzungumzia, kama angekataa basi wangempoteza mapema. All in all rest in peace Neil A.
  10. J

    JokaKuu Platinum Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    ..watu kama hawa ndiyo wanapaswa kuwa role models ktk jumuiya yoyote ile.

    ..tanzania tunafanya makosa makubwa sana kuwafanya wanasiasa kuwa ndiyo role models.
  11. Nyani Ngabu

    Nyani Ngabu Platinum Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Enheee....watu kama hawa hata mtu akija na kusema jamaa alikuwa 'brilliant' ni wachache sana watakaobisha.

    Lakini siyo unakuja na kudai eti ki January Makamba nacho ni brilliant....brilliant kafanya nini?
  12. b

    bitimkongwe JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Siku ile ambayo walikuwa ndiyo wanatua mwezini, mjadala mkali ulikuwa unaendelea kwenye makundi mbali mbali. Enzi hizo ilikuwa ni radio live.

    Mjadala wenyewe ulikuwa unahusu kweli wangetua mwezini au la, wengine wakiamini na wengine wakisema sio kweli. I remember this very clearly. Hata shuleni walimu wa sayansi walikuwa na mjadala huo (enzi hizo siyo mpira).

    Hebu fikiria zaidi ya miaka 40 baadae bado mjadala unaendelea!
  13. Mwasi

    Mwasi JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Kwa hiyo ni kweli hawakufika?
  14. 124 Ali

    124 Ali JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    wewe Wabongo briliant bana!wanaiba na hawakamatwi!
  15. Elijah

    Elijah JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Foregt about Neil,talk about the Great Yuri Gagarin
  16. N

    Nduguyangu Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Namimi nakubaliana na huo wasi wasi wa kisayansi unaoneshwa katika picha zinazodaiwa kufotolewa mwezini, Kuna bendera ya amerika inaonesha kupepea. Je mwezini kuna upepo sawiya na wa huku duniani? pia kuna picha inaonesha kivuli cha mwana anga. Je setup ya Mwezi ni kama ya dunia ilivyokaa hata tupate kitu na kivuli chake?
  17. Duduwasha

    Duduwasha JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2012
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    Yuri Gagarin alipofika Mwezini alitizama huku na kule kuona kama Mungu Yupo alipomkosa akawaambia Warusi kuwa hawa jamaa zetu huwa wananyoosha Mikono juu kumuomb Mungu basi waambieni huku Mungu Hayupo.... na hilo jibu liliwafanya warusi wengi kuwa watu wasioamini Dini hizi Kuu Wakajikita kwenye Biashara tu so Ikifika X-Mass wanatengeneza father x-mass na mapambo mengi mnunue
  18. Duduwasha

    Duduwasha JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2012
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    oi si Bora angeenda Kuishi Mecca kuna wengine wanasema Allah ndipo alipo huko na anazungumza Arabic tu Sijajua nini hii haswa imekaaje kwa Wenzetu Tanzania
  19. Duduwasha

    Duduwasha JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2012
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    Ungewauliza Walioenda Pole sana hutopata Majibu kwa Wasio Enda zaidi Utadanganywa tu kama unasivyo amini kutoka kwa wale usiowaamini Mmoja ndio huyu Neil Armstrong R.I.P

    Nakumbuka Nilitizama Discovery Channel jinsi walivyokuwa wanadhihaki na kupiga picha zao ili kusisitiza Photo za kwenye Moon ni fake kwani hata ilipokuwa ina landing hapakuwa na vumbi Nyayo za viatu ni tofauti na mambo kadhaa mengi...

    Tizama hapo na hii Hapa
  20. mlaizer

    mlaizer JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2012
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    mwezini watu hawashuki!!wanatoka tu nje ya rocket wakiwa wamening'inia na kufanya uchunguzi huku pilot akiendelea kuendesha mpaka wanamaliza kazi yao ndiyo wanarudi.kinachoongelewa ni kuingia ktk anga ya mwezi(lunar surface) wala sio kwamba wanashuka wanaanza kutembea kama tunavyofanya huku duniani.