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As former ministers cling government quarters; Ministers still accommodated in Hotels.

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by nngu007, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]As former ministers cling government quarters
    The government is losing millions of shillings in accommodation bills for newly appointed ministers and their deputies.
    The problem is compounded by the former ministers’ continued stay in the ministers’ residences.
    It is not yet clear why former ministers and their deputies continue to cling to government houses when they had five years to organize their own accommodations.
    Investigations by NIPASHE JUMAPILI showed that a number of ministers and their deputies were still living in hotels because their houses were still being renovated.
    It was further revealed during the investigations that some of the ministers were being accommodated in very expensive apartments in the city.

    For instance, some of the ministers were being accommodated at Ubungo Plaza where the government was paying 105 US dollars per day and others were being accommodated at Protea apartments where the cost ranged between 155 and 180 US dollars per day.
    At Protea apartments, food costs around 20 US dollars while at Ubungo Plaza the cost of food is included in the accommodation bill.
    Much as the accommodation problem is attributed to continued in government residences by former ministers, the number of ministers and their deputies is more or less the same.
    For instance in the past cabinet, there were 21 deputy ministers and the same number of deputy ministers were appointed this year.
    Early in January this year (2011), government sources told Nipashe Jumapili that the ministers would have vacated hotels by the end of January.

    Unfortunately that has not happened and the government continues to pay through the nose.
    What is however, unclear is when, for instance, such renovations are expected to be completed.
    An official from the ministry of works who spoke to Nipashe Jumapili on condition of unanimity said some ministers have however, refused to move into government quarters, preferring hotel accommodation on the ground that government quarters had too stringent conditions.
    Some of the conditions that govern government quarters require tenants to refrain from livestock keeping and agriculture development in the quarters’ compounds.
    “As you know, some of these people who have been living in their own residences, before their appointment to ministerial posts, have been involved in agriculture and livestock keeping and find it difficult to move into government quarters where they would be required to stop their involvement in such agricultural pursuits,” a source told the paper.
    The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Ambassador Hubert Mrango could not deny or refute the foregoing allegations when he was contacted for comment by the newspaper.
    But when the ministry’s spokesman, Mr Martin Ntemo was contacted by the newspaper for comment, he told our reporter to put his questions in writing.
    However, since the questionare was sent to the ministry, two weeks have elapsed without getting response from the ministry.
    However, when the newspaper asked Mr Ntemo what was going on, he said he was yet to get response from the ministry.