Article 9: One Of The Reasons Why You Are Not A Milionaire Yet

Sanctus Mtsimbe

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Jul 14, 2008
You may think that you do not have the chance to be a millionaire and wish that someone in your next generations will be successful. You make sure that next generation have the adequate education to be successful. On the process of your child growing up, you often tell him/her that they must study hard and work hard to earn a stable income. You advice your children to not be like you.

What happen in the near future is unpredictable but you really hope that your children can make the difference. Well, that sounds like a person who gives up their goals and dreams to be a millionaire. In the first place, why do you have to hope that your children will be someone who is successful? True enough that you invest all your money in your child’s education, but can you control your children’s success.

If you really desire to be a millionaire, the only person that can make that change is you. You do not pass on your failure to your next generation for them to conquer it. Let face this fact, your children will see you as their model and they will do the same thing when they have their own children; to pass their failure to the next generation and hope for them to conquer it.

I am very confident to say that financial freedom can be attained by anyone in this world. Unless of course if you are mentally disabled, in a coma or facing a life sentence in the jail. Now, you must be wondering how you are going to attain that financial freedom day that you have been eyeing for.

Financial freedom can be attained only if you plan. Planning your financial goals is a lifelong process but a rewarding one. When you plan your financial goals, you will have a better picture of your financial status. When you dedicate your life to financial freedom, you automatically expose yourself to many opportunities. It is then up to you to strategize your goals.

In the planning process, you will learn a lot of valuable knowledge on finance. Take this from me. Even though I am not yet a millionaire but I can calculate when I can attain my financial freedom day. I am learning new things and exposed to lots of opportunities day by day. I am so determined to attain my financial freedom day that I am very busy to even spend time with my family and friends. I am planning to retire before an official retiring age. By then I will be very rich.

Legally lakini, siyo kifisadi.

What about you?

Watch out for the next Article - Article 10.
Kuna Mzalelendo moja aliwahi kuandika "Human being is natural a liberal capitalist at heart". Majority wishes to be rich if there was any short cut. Anybaody can be rich by following the systematic proved principles.
Ni wakati mwafaka sasa tuachache na hadithi za zamani za Tajiri na Mali yake na Masikini na Mwanaye. It can be done, play your part.
Nina jaribu kuangalia tofauti kati ya utajiri wa Bill Gates and Onasis.Utajiri una njia nyingi, hebu tupe msing mmoja, mimi nataka utajiri kwa manufaa ya watu wnegine
It takes time to know the difference between being a millionaire and attaining financial freedom. In reality there a lot of millionaires who does not have financial freedom.

Therefore to my side I solely long for financial freedom.

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