Arsene Wenger's verdict - Bolton vs Arsenal


Feb 6, 2008
Dear Supporter,

I can't remember a better comeback than the one at Bolton on Saturday. We were 2-0 down with 10 men with an hour to go, yet we won 3-2. It is a great credit to the team and I am very proud of our performance. We got a big blow last week at Chelsea and we responded as a team.

It was a mental test because everything looked to be going against us. Not only did their first shot on goal go in but we had a player sent off and just before half time they scored a second one. That was a big blow.

We knew at half time that 2-2 was not good enough. We had to continue to believe, show mental strength and play our game as much as we could. With 10 against 11 that is not easy.

We had a little period where we suffered for the 15 minutes after half time but the last 30 minutes was all us and we created chance after chance. The substitutions worked for us because Theo caused them a lot of problems. Adebayor did as well. His power brought us something straight away.

In the end we were a little lucky on the third goal but we kept going and got a very important victory.

As for Diaby's sending off, I was not upset with the decision but I felt it was more of a protective tackle. But he was too high so I don't complain. Just before that I thought it was a foul on him.

Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger
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