Are your friends real or seasonal ?



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Are your friends real or seasonal ?

We all have them. Bosom friends who will defend you with their own lives and fair weather friends who are only with you when the going is good. Photo/FILE
By IRENE NJOROGEPosted Friday, December 10 2010 at 16:36

Ever seen a situation where a woman and her girlfriends are literally inseparable?

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When you are up for a good laugh, there is always someone to call and share a joke with.

Women, being the social creatures they are constantly need to talk and share anything and everything – from issues to do with clothes – where to buy, and where to get them made, to hair.

Who else but a couple of good friends would hold an entire half hour conversation on Ghanaian lines?

No wonder marketers understand the power of word-of-mouth advertising, which women do free of charge when they socialise with their friends.

Any woman can be a friend to someone or can have friends. To be a friend, you need to feel comfortable with others, and to feel right about other people.

You should be capable of giving and receiving love. Without this, the end result is loneliness. In our lives, we all have different kind of friends, some who positively enhance our life, and others who have a negative impact on you, while some do both.

There are different types of friends you probably have. Here is a guideline to identify the different types:

The confidante:

This is the one friend you cannot do without. You trust her a lot and you relate well with each other.

This is an intense friendship without boundaries. You can tell her anything without fearing that you will offend her. If you think she has grown fat, you can mention it, and she will take it with a laugh.

You know she can tell you the same without offending you. This is the type of friend you can call at two in the morning to talk about the fight you had with your boyfriend or husband.

She listens as you go on and on about the whole episode. She does not offer an opinion, and neither does she command you to snap out of it. She just listens and comforts and encourages you whenever necessary.

This kind of friend could be someone you have known for years or one you just met but with whom you clicked immediately.

You do not need to impress her or put up barriers, for you are sailing in the same boat – kindred spirits that understand each other.

This is a beautiful friendship that will take your through until you are both old and grey and you can sit and reminiscence about the good old days.

Friendship rating ***** - Very rare gem of a friend, you are lucky to have one, hang on to her.

The superficial friend

This is the sort of friend who is great to have around. Your conversations are always pleasant, and polite. You smile at each other and compliment each other.

But you are guarded when together, always weighing what you say first. You talk about the weather and the traffic jams, just skimming the surface. You never visit each other’s homes.

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