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Andrew Nyerere on Mwalimu humble children!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Phillemon Mikael, Apr 12, 2009.

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    Phillemon Mikael JF Gold Member

    Apr 12, 2009
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    On my readings today i have come acrosss an interview with cap[ret jet fighter pilot] ANDREW Nyerere, he talks about unknown side Mwalimu children including the whereabouts of his young brother capt[ret jet fighter pilot] JOHN NYERERE, ENG MAGIGGE, CAPT MAKONGORO, ANNA, ROSEMARY, MADARAKA and their mum.


    Although it is 30 minutes behind schedule, spirits soar when the boarding announcement is made.

    Among the passengers there is a powerful delegation of the Roman Catholic Church Bishops who, together with other guests, were coming from Butiama where they attended the inauguration of Mwalimu Nyerere's cause of canonization proceedings the previous day.

    I am honoured to be sitting next to Anna, Mwalimu's daughter. Behind my seat is the bubbly Makongoro Nyerere, chatting cheerfully with a fellow passenger sitting next to him.

    Right in front of Anna and I was Andrew Nyerere, Mwalimu's eldest child, sharing his seat with a tall American who could have easily passed for a Bongolander, for his near-perfect Swahili.

    At one point before take-off the mzungu turns to me asking whether I was a scribe. Andrew comes to my rescue when, embarrassed, I fumble before nodding my head in affirmative.

    "Oh, yes, he is", the soft spoken Andrew cuts in cheerfully. "His name is…"

    If I am humbled by the introduction, then I am taken by complete surprise when Andrew goes further to breaking the ice by asking me if I had any questions that I would like him to answer.

    He even bails me out of my indecision by suggesting that I jot down the question and he would be more than willing to respond. After all, he adds with the famous Mwalimu chuckle, we have over two hours to accomplish this.

    Embarrassingly, I fish out my notebook from the back pocket of my battered jeans. My biro, whose cap I am nervously nibbling even before the ‘buckle your belts on' notice (courtesy of my fear of flying) and go to work.

    The ATR plane is taxiing along the dusty Musoma Airport apron, a few minutes later we are soaring up the skies when I hand over my notebook to Andrew, not sure whether my handwriting done with trembling hands would be discernible to him.

    About three hours later, as we are about to touch down at the Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport in Dar es salaam, the simply dressed and unassuming eldest son of the Father of the Nation hands over my notebook and pen, a shy grin painted on his modest face.

    Allow me to share with you the questions and answers that Andrew and I exchanged in mid-air. Please note that all I have done is to pound down the material as they are in my notebook, with minimum alteration…

    Question: How can you describe Butiama, now, six years after Mwalimu's death?

    Answer: Six years after the death of Mwalimu, Butiama has not changed much. Butiama is a nice place, quite, serene, peaceful, a place where you can think. It has the quite life of the village. I think, many other villages in Tanzania, or in Africa, are like that. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The greatest problem I see there is the infrastructure. Especially, the lack of communication. I went there with my tiny Japanese transistor radio, but I could not pick up the stations clearly. I could hear the BBC and VOA, but the reception was poor. And this, I think, is a big problem, which I hope the fourth (phase government) republic will deal with.

    Q: What are your comments on the cause of canonization of Mwalimu?

    A: When I came here to Butiama two years ago, the priest had mentioned that they are thinking of starting an enquiry concerning the life of Mwalimu, to determine if he had lived a life of glory. When I heard this I thought that was just idle talk. I thought that Mwalimu was a fine person, but all talk about making him a saint, surely this was an exaggeration. But now, when I think of the life he lived, the way he went to church every morning, I think there is a case for this. In the last years of his life, he went to church for mass every morning, since 1973 till he died; he went to church every morning. So I think that it is lucky that we have had this mass (of cause of canonization), and that His Holiness Polycarp Cardinal Pengo came here to conduct the mass, and also, Monsignor Joseph the Vatican envoy, and all the bishops and priests and nuns who came.

    So now, they intend to ask many people about the life of Mwalimu. But the beatification and canonization is not just about listening to accounts about how someone lived an exemplary life. It is also about miracles. There have to be miracles, one or two miracles, something which seems to have happened by Divine intervention. Usually, it is a medical miracle, and doctors would be called in to certify that a miracle has happened, and then the person is beautified. And this is a miracle which has happened after the candidate has died for over five years. Which means that if now, if a person would claim that he prayed to God, and asked Mwalimu to intercede for him, or if he prays that Mwalimu should intercede for him through Jesus Christ, the Lord; if he should have a miracle happen, then this is how Mwalimu would be beatified. And then, later, after beatification, if again there are two miracles, then Mwalimu would be called a saint. So it would be good to allay the concerns of anyone that there could be bribery in the way Mwalimu is canonized.

    During the event on Saturday, not only was there a mass, but after the mass, there was the session in which the process of beatification was started. And I hope that this will encourage other Christians to WANT to be saints, because the whole idea of the church declaring anyone to be a saint is that they want the person to be a role model. And it is not only the Christians who are saints, even the Muslims have saints. So, we should think of this sainthood as something to strive for, like when people go for medals in the Olympics. And this business of sainthood, if you read the works of the fathers of the church, like St. Augustine, or St. John Chrystostom, or St. Basil, or St. Ambrose, you will see how it is like a logic Olympiad. And Mwalimu used to read the works of these saints.

    Q: If Mwalimu was to come back and see the development near his home at Msasani, what would he say?

    A: Of course, like anybody else, he would be surprised by the rapid development there. However, nothing much has changed at Mwalimu's Msasani home, except that now we are building a wall around the place, which we hope will make the place look better. I think they will finish in ten days time. And after they finish, we hope that we will be able to say mass there and maybe we will be able to invite people for mass, not necessarily Christians, because we all saw Yassir Arafat would go to Bethlehem every year for Christmas, and also last Christmas Mahmoud Abbas went to Bethlehem to celebrate mass there.

    Q: How did you address Mwalimu in his life time?

    A: When I addressed Mwalimu, I addressed him ‘baba', or I would call him ‘mzee', because customarily when a person is old, he is called ‘mzee', like how the way they used to call Jomo Kenyatta. When I talk about him, I call him ‘Mwalimu' because that is what everyone called him. So I call him Mwalimu because it reminds me of the first republic, the power and the glory of the first republic.

    Q: How is mum doing?

    A: Mama is doing well. She is well advanced in age. She seems to have recovered from the shock of Mwalimu's death.

    Q: Can you describe yourself…

    A: Well, that is a tricky one… I just like to stay at home and listen to the radio. Mostly I listen to BBC news, also I listen to ‘Majira', ‘Nipashe' and ‘Harakati' and all radio programmes. Also the morning programme from Zanzibar. Every morning I listen to Radio Tumaini for the gospel, and the ‘Saint of the day' programmes.

    Q: How active is the Nyerere family in sports

    A: Very active. Mwalimu did calisthenics everyday. I remember one day there was a match arranged at the Karume Stadium. It was between ministers and members of parliament. Mwalimu was the referee, Karume and Kawawa were the linesmen. I wonder if a picture of this match can be found. The two linesmen were dressed in black shorts and black shirts. Mwalimu also was in black. The MPs won the match that day. And I remember two MPs talking as they were leaving the field "wale hawatuwezi sisi" meaning that the ministers were no match for them. No, the Mwalimu Nyerere family are not opposed to sports. Magige Nyerere used to box and run for the school team. I do calisthenics everyday. And since the ‘daladala' fare was raised, many times I have had to walk to save money. Sports is good for the body. If a person can dribble a football for a few minutes, this is good control of the body.

    Q: Let's talk about Mwalimu's children. Who are they and who is living where and what are they doing?

    A: I am the first born. I retired from the army, I stay at Msasani. Then comes Anna, she lives in Dar es salaam, and she is closely associated with the Faith Healing Group at that is at Riverside, Ubungo. Next comes Magige, who is in Butiama and then John, who is also at Msasani. Makongoro Madaraka is in Butiama and there is Rosemary who lives at Upanga, Dar es salaam.

    Q: Do you have a family re-union?

    A: Yes, we do. We meet every Christmas in Butiama. And now, ever since Mwalimu's death, we come to Butiama on October 14, to commemorated the day he died. This is now the official family re-union day when we meet with the children of Joseph Nyerere, Mwalimu's young brother, other relatives who are in and outside Butiama, friends, clan members and the wa- Zanaki tribe.
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  2. Pascal Mayalla

    Pascal Mayalla JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2009
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    Thanks for this. Its very surpring tunawajua ndugu wa Obama wakati hata hatuwajui watoto wote wa Baba wa Taifa, wako wapi na wanafanya nini!.
  3. jmushi1

    jmushi1 JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2009
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    John Paul the second naye wanafanya tathmini kuona kama wataweza kumpa usaint,at least Benedict ana support hilo...Sasa mwalimu kuwa saint,je ni saint wa catholic ama wa Tanzania? Kama usaint unapatikana base on utumishi,then Mwalimu aliwatumikia wakatoliki ama watanzania wote? Kuna swala kuwa alikuwa akienda kanisani kila siku kuanzia mwaka 1973,je hilo linamfanya kuwa saint ama ni mpaka tujumuishe na utumishi wake kwa Taifa? Kama kuna wenye kuelewa vizuri zaidi tunaomba watufahamishe kama inawezekana kumpa mwalimu Usaint wa catholism kwa kutumia vigezo vya utumishi wake kwa Taifa la Tanzania.
  4. Mahesabu

    Mahesabu JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2009
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    mwalimu pia aliwalea watoto wake ktk maadili mema na maisha ya kawaida, tunaona hapa anazungumzia NAULI ZA DALA DALA KUPANDA , SASA ANACHAPA MGUU.....! SO SAD TO ME!!!!!
  5. Nyani Ngabu

    Nyani Ngabu Platinum Member

    Apr 12, 2009
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    Why is it sad? Whta's wrong with catching the daladalas?
  6. P

    Phillemon Mikael JF Gold Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    ..mwalimu alikuwa anajenga ujamaa kwa vitendo.,,hata alipotangaza vita vya kagera hakupeleka watoto wa walalahoi pekee ...kwani watoto wake watatu ..wawili wakiwa marubani wa ndege za kivita , mwingine mtaalamu wa mizinga ...walienda pia.. ....familia yake iliishi maisha ya mtanzania wa kawaida kabisa...,na wengi walijuwa labda watoto wa mwalimu wanaishi maisha ya kijamaa kwa kuwa walikuwa wakimuogopa baba yao....lakini you cant imagine that they are just comfotable na maisha yao ya kawaida....wangekuwa wanaiga tungeshuhudia wakiingia kwenye deal za kifisadi baada ya baba yao kuondoka ...[kwani hakuna fisadi angekataa fursa ya kumshiriikisha mtoto kama wa mwalimu kwenye deal....ili apate upendeleo]...

    Jambo ambalo labda unatakiwa ujielize kwanini hawa watoto wake hawapendi kuwa public figures unlike watu wengi wanavoweza kufikiri....angalia mtu kama andrew alivojibu maswali.....anaonesha kuwa na ufahamu mkubwa wa mambo,lugha iliyonyooka...kama msomi anavotakiwa kuwa....lakini wanaamuwa kuwa low profile kiasi hicho.
  7. Maarifa

    Maarifa JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    I salute you Julius Nyerere.
  8. Nkamangi

    Nkamangi JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Whether Julius Nyerere was saintly or not is for God to judge but the man surely led an exceptional life. I admire him and his children, they are proof that there's more to this life than excessive wealth. I listened to Madaraka on the BBC's have your say, what a humble fellow he seemed! If only todays leaders could borrow a leaf or two from the book that is Nyereres life!
  9. G

    Gagnija JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    JF nyumba pana sana . Nimewahi kusoma humu kuwa watoto wa Mwalimu hawana elimu ya kuwawezesha hata kupewa ukatibu kata!
  10. Shedafa

    Shedafa JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Asante mkuu kwa hii makala, imejibu maswali yangu mengi. Wakati wa vita vya Kagera nilikuwa shule. Nakumbuka ulizuka uvumi kuwa mmoja wa watoto wa Nyerere ameuawa katika lile shambulio la friendly fire, wakati tulipoangusha ndege zetu wenyewe. Kumbe bado wapo hai!, Mungu ashukuriwe. Kingine ile kuwa na uhakika tu kama ni kweli alikuwa na watoto wake jeshini, na kweli walikuwa marubani na mwingine kwenye mizinga imenipa jibu. Juzi tena nikawa nasoma makala ya Madaraka na mtoto wa Amini nikaona ametajwa Andrew na John, nikawa najiuliza wako wapi hawa?. Sasa nimepata majibu, nashukuru sana. Utakatifu si cheo kama cha siasa, hata kanisa likishindwa kumpa utakatifu Mungu atampa.
  11. Kaa la Moto

    Kaa la Moto JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Watoto wa Mkapa na Mwinyi vipi?
  12. Kaa la Moto

    Kaa la Moto JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Mi nilidhani Madaraka ndiye elder son wa mwalimu maana anaelekea ndiye msemaji sana wa familia ya mwalimu. Kumbe yuko dingi wake anaitwa Andrew? yawezekana kabisa kwamba huyu bwana ni humble! hajiweki kimbelembele
  13. F

    Fundi Mchundo JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Hapa ndipo tunapotia chumvi. Watoto wa Mwalimu hawajaishi maisha ya mtanzania wa kawaida ( average) hata siku moja ya maisha yao. Wao walikuwa privileged kama tulivyo wengi ambao tunachangia humu. Hawakuishi maisha ya kifahari lakini vilevile milango mingi ilifunguliwa kutokana na kuwa watoto wa Mwalimu (nyumba Upanga, ofisi katikati ya mji, ubunge n.k.). Hawa si malaika kama wengine tunavyotaka kuwafanya. Walikuwa na bado ni binadamu walio na mapungufu yao. Huku kupenda kuwatukuza watu ndiko kunakofanya kuwabomoa baadae kuwa kitu rahisi.

    Waandishi kama hawa ndiyo wanaofanya wengine tukate tamaa na fani hiyo. Badala ya kuuliza objective questions yeye anabakia ku-fawn! Kwa kufanya hivi hatutendei haki wasomaji wake pamoja na huyo anayem-intavyu!

  14. J

    Jasusi JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Fundi Mchundo,
    Labda mwandishi kakosea kutofafanua ana maana gani anaposema 'maisha ya Mtanzania wa kawaida kabisa.' Kuna rafiki yangu Mhindi tulisoma naye Tambaza miaka ile, yeye alikuwa analetwa shuleni na gari mimi nikikanyaga mguu kutoka Magomeni. Lakini miaka mingi baadaye tumekutana Unyamwezini na yeye akakumbusha maisha yetu ya Mtanzania wa kawaida enzi zile. Lakini tungefafanua, maisha yangu na yake yasingeweza kuwekwa kwenye kapu moja.
  15. Nyani Ngabu

    Nyani Ngabu Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Nadhani wanasema maisha ya Mtanzania wa kawaida wakimaanisha kuwa hawakutumia nafasi ya mzee wao kujinufaisha kama walivyo watoto wa viongozi wengine kama Mobutu au yule Teodoro Nguema Mbasongo au akina Uday na Qusay Hussein....sidhani kama watoto wa Nyerere walikuwa mabishoo wenye kutanua na magari ya baba yao na kupiga watu na kuvunja sheria ovyoovyo na kumtumia baba kama kinga. Sidhani kama watoto wa Nyerere walipelekwa majuu, kusomeshwa ama kuzuga kama ilivyo watoto wa viongozi wengine....
  16. O

    Ogah JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    It all depend na unavyo-define maisha ya kawaida, uliyem-quote hajatia chumvi kusema wana wa Mwl JKN waliishi maisha ya kawaida......Yes ni watoto wa Mwl na hawakuomba kuzaliwa na Mwl JKN....however ktk level ya mtu kuwa Rais kuna opportunity nyingi ambazo watoto wangeweza nufaika nazo.......lakini baba yao hakuendekeza hizo na badala yake aliwapa nafasi ya kuwa kama watanzania wengine wa kawaida.........narudia kuishi kwao Ikulu au kwenye Nyumba ya Rais ambaye alikuwa Baba yao....hawakuomba iwe hivyo............

    huhitaji kuwa mtaalamu wa kutathmini kujua kuwa wana wa Mwl JKN waliishi maisha ya kawaida.............

    unapolinganisha opportunities zetu tuliomo humu JF na kwamba sisi sio wa kawaida....unakosea.......kwa sababu wengine humu tumetokea from kijijini tukiwa na nothing na we went through mpaka tulipofikia hapa.........
  17. Nyani Ngabu

    Nyani Ngabu Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Mwambie huyo...sijui hajui kuwa sisi wengine tumekuja huku na bank statement za Salamander na wengine walionyesha bank statement za accounts baba zao....sasa sisi wa bank statement za Salamander sijui tuko priviledged kivipi?
  18. J

    JokaKuu Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    ..nadhani tunawabebesha mzigo mzito sana watoto wa Mwalimu Nyerere.

    ..kwa umri walionao kule kijijini kwetu wanaweza hata kuwa na wajukuu. lakini hapa Jamii Forums bado tunawaita 'watoto wa Mwalimu.' pamoja na umaarufu aliokuwa nao baba yao sidhani kama tunawetendea haki.

    ..Makongoro Nyerere can not handle a drink very well. inawezekana kabisa vituko vyake akishakamata maji vinawafanya baadhi ya wananchi wafikiri ana maradhi ya akili.


    ..umenikumbusha tukio la kuangushwa kwa ndege ya JWTZ by friendly fire.

    ..ilitolewa amri kwamba ndege yoyote ya kijeshi itakayoonekana eneo la Kagera iangushwe. inasemekana marubani wa JWTZ walishindwa kutua Mwanza ikabidi wazunguke mpaka Kagera ili waweze kutua Mwanza. bahati mbaya wakaangushwa na wenzao.

    ..sijui kama serikali imetoa nishani kwa marubani wale waliotunguliwa na wenzao. nadhani wale wanastahili kupewa nishani hata kama wameshafariki.

    ..marubani walioanguka na ndege pale Mgulani siku ya kuwapokea askari waliopigana Kagera walipewa nishani kutokana na kitendo chao cha kishujaa.

    ..inasemekana kwamba ndege ile ingeweza kuanguka pale uwanja wa taifa lakini juhudi za marubani wake kuielekeza upande wa Mgulani ndiyo ziliepusha maafa.

    ..serikali nzima, pamoja na wakuu wa vyombo vya ulinzi na usalama, pamoja na wananchi wengi, walikuwepo uwanja wa taifa.

    ..inasikitisha sana kwamba Tanzania hatuwaenzi mashujaa wetu waliojitoa mhanga kwa ajili ya taifa letu.


    ..Tanzania tuko nyuma sana ktk suala la viongozi[current & retired] kutokutumia madaraka yao vibaya.

    ..viongozi wanakwenda kutibiwa nje wakati Taasisi ya Cancer inayohudumia walalahoi inapewa 28% ya bajeti waliyoomba. wakati huohuo tunatenga fedha za kukarabati Ikulu zinazozidi hata bajeti yetu kwa hospitali muhimu kama Taasisi ya Cancer.

  19. Bluray

    Bluray JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    mtoto kwa baba hakui, na si kosa kumuita mtoto wa fulani "mtoto wa fulani", angalau katika utamaduni wetu.

    Swala la ugonjwa wa akili ni kwa kina Nyerere wote, si Makongoro tu.Mimi nishaambiwa na mtu aliyekuwa anakaa kwa Siyovelwa -watu waliokuwa karibu sana na kina Nyerere siku za kwanza kabisa za uhuru- kwamba ukoo wa Nyerere ni "lunatics", zikifika tarehe fulani fulani za full moon inabidi wataalam wasicheze mbali na ikibidi kuwapunga mapepe.

    Hata yule Andrew ukikaa naye sana utagundua si mzima, kuna wakati wakawa wanasema mizinga ya vita vya kagera imemzibua katika ku spin issue.
  20. Nyani Ngabu

    Nyani Ngabu Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Hatuwatendei haki kivipi sasa? Hata wangekuwa na miaka 100 bado watakuwa ni watoto wa mwalimu. Kila mtu ni mtoto wa fulani hapa duniani.