Anatomy of Xenophobia: SA, The Black Man's Shame!



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Mar 3, 2008


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I urge you to find time and read NewAfrican's July 2008 Cover Story: South Africa- A National Disgrace.

What happened recently in South Africa is beyond disgrace... but the anatomy behind it is devastating... it degrades the human side of Black South Africans to almost nothing... here are some excerpts.... read and sob:

"...Sometimes the war has been visited on those with a darker complexion, resulting in the death of bonafide South Africans themselves- a twisted regression to apartheid days when lighter skin was more welcome. Notably, illegal white immigrants are spared from the ordeal...

... In other words, so-called foreigners have lived and worked in South Africa for more than a century, and have intermarried and had children with locals. During its long history, people of Asian, European and African origin have migrated and lived in southern part of Africa for generations and are as much as African as a Zulu or Xhosa who historically also migrated in earlier times to the southern tip of Africa. Over 90% of all migrations in the world have been economic.

It has also called into question colonial borders and who can be called South African. And who really are the "others"...

...Much has been written about the Anglo-Boer war with its devastating consequences. Though it was a food fight among the white races, the human resources of black as soldiers, scouts and labourers were exploited by both sides in their cause. When the white races found reconciliation in 1910, to promote their collective cause, they denied the Africans natural resources and continued to exploit their human resources, leading to the much despised apartheid system...

...In the media, to convey the locals that they are better off under white rule, the rest of Africa was portrayed as hopeless, a breeding ground of poverty, disease and starvation-psychologically creating disrespect for other Africans. In their confusion, many black South Africans have looked up to African Americans, imitating their culture. On their continent, it was South Africa versus the "inferior Africa" north of the Limpopo River ...

...[South Africa's] Bantu education inflicted on blacks on those days, means a lack of access to economic opportunities in the new order. It is compounded by the presence of better educated and skilled migrants from other countries whose post-colonial government equipped them with good education and skills and an ability to survive in difficult circumstances...

... the historical baggage of decision is extrenched. Taxi owners settle their differences by slaughtering each other over lucrative routes and pure envy... An argument among motorists can result in a shootout and death. It is called road-rage. Protest marches against anything has resulted in burning, killing and looting. The ruling ANC party itself, having remained united over years now, finds itself in schism. Party officials hurl insults and abuse at gatherings, sometimes getting physical in the struggle for power.

...However, the so-called foreigners who come from weaker economies are better skilled and self reliant. They form a small percentage of the workforce. They are entrepreneurs. They sell fruits and vegetables. They have set-up their own shops, they cut and braid hair, fix cars, and provide value. They receive no social grants from the government and are more eager to work. They have sustanance which becomes a source of envy. Often their self-determination becomes a more attractive option to local women who profess to receiving better treatment from foreigners. Zimbabwean teachers, for example, are prepared to work as domestic workers. South Africans with far less education will not... On the other hand, most of the locals have a sense of entitlement. As in apartheid days, they wait for grants, jobs, and houses...

...In the new environment, better educated, politically connected and skilled South Africans and latter-day immigrants have found common ground with white economic power, and have since joined the ranks of the affluent, while the majority poor blacks languish and compete with poor immigrants at the bottom...

...Chris Rock, the American comedian, visiting South Africa described the recent attacks as "broke on broke violence". Being a foreigner was simply an excuse to pillage...

...Neighbours who have lived peacefully together and borrowed salt from each other, and looked after each other’s children, were suddenly at the door, burning shacks, killing, ravaging, and screaming at so-called foreigners to leave...

Much work needs to be done with respect to immigration, integration, tolerance, the economy, inequalities and respect for the law..."


End of excerpts

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