Analysis: Corruption-Is it the moment of truth?


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Feb 11, 2007
Analysis: Corruption-Is it the moment of truth?


IF there is a huge and hard nut to crack for President Jakaya Kikwete, the ruling CCM, and even the general public is none other than the rampancy of endemic corruption.

Like cancer cells swimming in the vein and arteries of our country, its impacts are lethal; its echo is causing seismic tremors the world over. Donors as well as the citizenry are in awe and infatuation.

The economy is in a shambles whilst the conditions of the majority of citizenry are in quagmire. Things are not as rosy as one can think or tell even be told. Even the high and mighty in their offices, are not spared. They are busy devising the 'truth' to configure those they say they serve even though it turns out to be self serving in the name of serving them. All efforts have been tried to troubleshoot and synchronize the problem to no avail.

Statistics, real and cooked, are pummeled into the agora for the citizenry to be convinced that things are working even though the difference is dauntingly the truth. Theoretically and politically the country is doing well, though on the ground it's a different story altogether.

Whilst the kit and caboodle of select few is becoming richer and richer, the majority is cascading into abject poverty.

Hither is where the question, ''what is really the truth?'' comes in. Theories and assurances are given by those in high offices. The president, with a cup in hand, is busy touring the world to secure loans and aid. Investors are generously ushered in. To make sure that they stay, laws are bent even by allowing them a lion's share from the society dying of poverty! All is done in the name of resurrecting the sick economy which despite all the aids and loans we keep getting, it is in the ICU!

To make sure that things are working, some ministers have hurriedly and suspiciously signed mining contracts abroad (in hotels not in embassies!), something that drew public ire. Needless to say everybody in his own way is trying to do whatever he could, to see to it that the economy is 'being resurrected'. ''For whose benefit are all these endeavors being taken to revive it?'' This is yet another hard question to answer.

Some are saying that the economy is performing miraculously well for the benefit of a few in power whilst those in power say everything is spiffy for everybody. Who is telling lies or otherwise, is yet another ball game.

Some shrewd wananchi are confidently and vocally asking: ''If the economy is as rosy as we are told, then why is the government hugely depending on donors?''

Others chip in asking how the economy can shrive amidst the colossal embezzlement and over expenditure that has been unveiled by the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) recently.

To crack this nut and face the moment of truth one should listen to noises from hospitals such as Mwananyamala, where we are told four patients share a bed! The Mwnanyamala Hospital situation is typical of what is obtained almost everywhere in the country. To add salt to injury one school was reported recently to have only one teacher in Mara Region!

Another strong evidence that shows all is not well now is derived from the saga of students in higher institutions of learning.

The students have of late ashamed the government. This happened after the government had said without mincing words that it had no money to dish out to them as loans. This drew a logical question: ''Where is the so-called economic plane that has started to fly?''

For one to ascertain the abject poverty prevailing in the country one needs to visit the rural areas and see for himself/herself how men, women and children are suffering out there. Their condition worsens each passing day. The story is no different in urban areas! Hence the big question: Who is enjoying the fruits of our 'well-flourishing' economy?

Some say the investors, others the politicians whose perks are growing bigger and bigger day in day out. Some say 'mafisadi', barracuda-like beings who are singing sweet songs and dance in joy as they keep on accumulating wealth at the expense of wananchi.

Hither is where the moment of truth resurfaces yet for another time. This moment of truth has already forced ministers and other top party cadres to shilly-shally in rural areas to translate what is in the budget of the government.

Whilst this is going on, the opposition is opposing. It is saying that in fact what these guys are doing is to brainwash the people by defending corruption!

They spill beans saying that Richmond, BoT, Buzwagi and other projects are, but sham projects aiming to fill dosh in the pockets of a few selected ones!

Firebrand Willibroad Slaa, of CHADEMA has already released the so-called 'List of Shame' in which eleven names of the top most officials of the fourth phase government have already been mentioned.

This has attracted many theatrics. Some of those accused of indulging in corruption have already expressly said they will sue Slaa. Others have opted not to sue.

This game has many players. Some sympathize, others vindicate. There are those who advised these guys to relinquish their positions whilst others said they should soldier on. But all in all the majority of wananchi prefer the former to the latter. They are saying they are tired of lies and corruption. They are saying so in a black and white tone. How could they stop of calling a spade by its name if in this macabre abracadabra it is alleged that over a trillion Tshs has been swindled?

These guys seem to mean business. For they are hollering on the top of their voices that the king is naked! Please don't quote me. This is what they are saying. Even some noble emissaries representing rich and stronger nations have already weighed in support. Again who is fooling whom? Let's face the moment of truth.

Facing this moment of truth, the president is saying ''those are but mere noises'', hayanisumbui! He said this in Rome after meeting with the Pontiff! Mind you this is but a high stake gamble so to speak. If I can put it in a simple language, what is going on is a very deadly battle especially in the year 2010 when the fruits of the moment of truth will be yielded. This is the time when everything and everybody will be tested to the limits.

Who is telling lies and who is telling the truth; let's face the moment of truth. With whom does the buck stop? Additional question, who knows who is running the show in this dilemma? How do I know?
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