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An End to Dog Countries leaders?

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by popo, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Oct 1, 2008
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    An End to Dog Countries leaders?

    I didn't surprise to hear Mr. Jk be against the new rules of United Nation Security Council to prosecute any leaders in international court whose cause chaos and trigger the killing of innocent people (a good example is during election in Kenya and Zimbabwe plus Darfur region). Honorable JK tried to emphasize that will be unfair to prosecute African leaders and he wants to tell the world that there is the way to solved African problem without interference from outsider (USA and Europe).

    I’m sorry to say that most of African leader are hypocrite and selfish and they don’t want change at all. During election they used all bad tricks to make sure they stay on power and there is no fair game/election. They don’t know the word lose and they don’t want to lose, they will do whatever possible to remain on power even if to risk life’s of million of innocent people. Look what happen on Darfur now, please don’t tell me is safe there, that is genocide and the president of Sudan he must be accountable for that, no doubt about that and Mr. Jk want to tell us what?

    Mr. Jk needs to show remorse to the people of Sudan especially Darfur by being brutally Murdered by the Government of Sudan. All African leaders they needs to stand together and say enough is enough, No more blood shed for Innocent people but at the end of the day, they are the one sitting and doing nothing and let that bastard killing his own people. Is that what they called Politics?

    They are so slow to act and take necessarily measure to prevent the killing of the guiltless. Look what happen in Kenya during election it took age to solve the problems but it took few days to causes lost of thousands life’s. The question is what happens if Koffi Annan and the western allies not interfere on time, the situation would be real worst.

    It is real shame to African leaders when they lose election and accused the western as if they are the one who rig the vote. Come on in every game there must be one winner and one loser but problems start when the loser don’t want to announce that they lost and end up for the loser to takes the chance of the winner and announce himself as winner and put the position of a winner as a loser, that is completely unfair and this is the issue Mr. Jk should address to the world before he tried to accused the United Nation Security Council. He should remember that, is only through research, should he come up with the vital reason why African countries conflict erupt most of the time during Election?

    JK is in power for almost 3 years now but he didn’t sort it up the Problem of Zanzibar which for me is not real a big deal and we don’t know what is he waiting for? The biggest problems of our leadership is that they are not honest and they don’t wants to differentiate between fiction and truth when it come to agreed certain matter that’s why it take age to solve a minor dispute like Zanzibar issue.

    The question we should ask ourselves is, why when they lose election; they don’t wants to give way to a winner? Peculiar isn’t!!!!!!!

    AJM, Londoner