an American Congressman:Obama Put Pressure on Kikwete on Albino Killings


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Mar 13, 2009


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The Citizen (Dar es Salaam)
Albino Killings - Obama Asked to Put Pressure on Kikwete

Congressman files a members statement to compel the US government to act

An American Congressman wants President Barack Obama to put diplomatic pressure on the Kikwete Government to end the albino killings in parts of the country.

Mr Gerald Connolly, who is a member of Mr Obama's Democratic Party, has filed a statement in the United States House of Representatives, seeking support to compel the President and the State Department to act.

He wants official recognition of the plight of people with albinism in East Africa, condemnation of their murder and mutilation, and efforts to bring "the heinous and misguided behaviour against defenseless women and children" to end.

Even though the impact of the expected resolutions might not be made public or bear immediate results, it is generally believed that if adopted, the US Government will have to consider this in its relations with Tanzania.

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