Album mpya ya BRANDY

Game Theory

JF-Expert Member
Sep 5, 2006

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Track Listings


It Doesn't Matter

Make Me Cry

So Good

Sweet Nothings

This Must Be Love

What Have You Done for Me

Deepest Thoughts

Follow Me

It Never Happened

The Jones

Just like Tommy

Previous Brandy Albums

Brandy - Afrodisiac (2004

Brandy - Brandy (1994)

Brandy - Full Moon (2002)

Brandy - Haven't You Heard (2004

Brandy - Never Say Never (1998

Steve Dii

JF-Expert Member
Jun 25, 2007
Timbo vipi tena, beats zimeanza kumtoka nini...naona brandy ana sound kwenye huo wimbo kama Justin Timberlake......

Game Theory

JF-Expert Member
Sep 5, 2006
umegundua eeeh? this s*it sounds like leftovers from Afrodisiac with a nigga screaming 08 on it. I hope she gets back with Rodney Jerkins cause Full Moon cannot be fu&ked with to this day.

Faith Evans is the only one left in RNB that can f*** with Brandy.

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