Al Hajji Kagimu to help Mak produce Uganda’s first electric car

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Jan 2, 2008
Al Hajji Kagimu to help Mak produce Uganda’s first electric car
Makerere University Faculty of Technology is conducting extensive research aimed at producing Uganda’s first electric car. The Student team leader, Mr. Richard Madanda explained that the Vehicle Design Project is an innovative research project aimed at developing a cost effective and environmentally friendly car.
Mr. Madanda added that this two-seater electric car will have electrical, mechanical and communication systems, each with their own team of student developers.

This was disclosed on Monday 15th November 2010 when a prominent business man, Habib Kagimu visited the Faculty of Technology at Makerere University on a familiarization tour.

In his speech, the Dean, Faculty of Technology, Dr. Barnabas Nawangwe happily noted that the research and innovations in the Faculty of Technology were in line with the Makerere University Strategic Plan, which prioritizes the transformation of Makerere into a research led university.

Dr. Nawangwe said that when President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni visited Makerere University in December 2009, the Faculty of Technology presented a case for support, which resulted into the Government’s support towards ten (10) research projects in the Faculty of Technology.

The Vehicle Design Project is one of the research projects funded by the Government of Uganda. Some of the other projects include the iLabs@MAK project, Innovation Systems and Clusters Program Uganda and the Technology Development and Transfer Center.

Dr. S.S. Tickodri-Togboa, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration) and the Principal Investigator of this project said that the President of the Republic of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni named this research project, the Kiira Electric Vehicle.

Al Hajji Habib Kagimu pledged to use his contacts with the private sector to help the Faculty of Technology to turn the theory of the Kiira Electric Vehicle into practice. Whereas most of the Electric, Mechanical and Communications components have been covered under procurement, the project is appealing for support in procuring/fabricating the lightweight Carbon Polymer body.

Al Hajji Kagimu stressed the importance of research and development. “If we want to be like developed countries, we should focus on research and development. The University should focus on teaching students how to think as researchers.”

Al Hajji Kagimu cited Malaysia and Thailand as countries which had less robust economies than Uganda when she gained independence in 1962. However, the above countries have managed to develop at a faster rate because they focused on research and development.

In his conclusion, Al Hajji Kagimu challenged the Government of Uganda and Makerere University to re-visit the budget figures allocated to research and development, so as to nurture a strong generation of researchers and developers.

Makerere University - Al Hajji Kagimu to help Mak produce Uganda’s first electric car


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Aug 20, 2009
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