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Akiwa amelala usiku huwa kama anatafuna meno yake

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by Kichwa Ngumu, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Kichwa Ngumu

    Kichwa Ngumu JF-Expert Member

    Mar 5, 2012
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    Ni kitu cha ajabu lakini ndiyo hivyo nimekiona juzi ambapo nilikuwa safarini kijijini na kwa sababu ya uhaba wa sehemu ya kulala nililala rafikiya ngu wa kiume ambaye nilikuwa nae.
    usiku ulipofika niliona kama anatafuta meno au ulimi.
    Je, huu ni ugonjwa? unatiba? nilipomuuliza yeye anasema hajijui
  2. Bosi Michembe

    Bosi Michembe JF-Expert Member

    Mar 5, 2012
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    Kuna watu wako hivyo huwatokea then huondoka after some time. inaitwa bruxism.. Kama anasigina meno mpaka mchana hiyo inaweza sababishwa na stress au anxiety au its kind of mental illness symptom..
  3. Andrew Nyerere

    Andrew Nyerere Verified User

    Mar 6, 2012
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    Mimi pia nasaga meno usingizini. How do I know? I taped myself. Naona inatokea kila ninapolala. It is nothing.
  4. Fasouls

    Fasouls JF-Expert Member

    Mar 6, 2012
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    Hutokea kwa watu wenye asili ya hasira za kupitiliza (abnormal angry/stress) na pia ni dalili ya mental sickness!
  5. i

    ikindo Member

    Mar 8, 2012
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    Amuone daktari wa magonjwa ya minyoo, ninahisi itakua ni safura ama mchango na hii mara nyingi huwapata watoto wadogo. Nadhani akipatiwa dawa tatizo hilo litakua historia.
  6. egbert44

    egbert44 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 10, 2012
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    mtu wa hivyo anawaza sana kula kuliko kitu kingine, akisikia kwa fulani kuna mnuso basi anaununulia ndizi mbivu au embe na maji baridi na pilipili
  7. Saint Ivuga

    Saint Ivuga JF-Expert Member

    Mar 10, 2012
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    weka vyeti vyako mbali..anaweza akavila huyo
  8. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    Mar 10, 2012
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    How to Stop Grinding you Teeth

    [h=3]Teeth Grinding And Its Effect On Your Health[/h]

    Teeth grinding is clinically referred to as bruxism. Simply defined, it is the act of consciously or unconsciously clenching your teeth either during the day or while you sleep. Bruxism is considered both a medical and a dental problem. This is because it affects both the teeth and all of the structure near it, including the head.

    Teeth grinding usually happens during sleep. Have you ever had a roommate or a sleeping partner that snores? Well you might have had one that grinds their teeth in their sleep as well. Teeth grinding is as common as snoring. However, unlike snoring, teeth grinding sounds are a little on the low side, although it can be as bothersome as well.
    People grind their teeth for a number of reasons. Doctors believe that it is because of stress. Dentists say that it happens because one's teeth are not properly aligned with each other. There are quite a few reasons why people grind their teeth. To know more about teeth grinding causes, read this article.

    Teeth grinding happens in kids too. Some parents might find it disturbing to hear their child grinding their teeth in their sleep. While it is really not as big of a problem for kids as it is for adults, it is still proper to bring your child to a dentist so that their teeth are checked. Children normally outgrow their teeth grinding habits. If you would like to learn how teeth grinding affects children, check outthis article.

    Kids usually outgrow teeth grinding because their teeth are not yet permanent. Eventually, their baby teeth will be replaced with a permanent set that's stronger, better, and more aligned.
    However, the same can't be said for adults. Adult teeth are permanent and will not change any longer. Therefore, adults should watch out for the complications of teeth grinding.

    Teeth grinding, although it is not a major health issue, can bring about problems like mouth, jaw, and face problems, broken dentures, missing teeth, and many others. It is very important for adults to consult a dentist so that their teeth grinding habit is addressed before any further problems develop.[​IMG]
    One will only know if he or she suffers from bruxism if thesymptoms of teeth grinding appear. The symptoms of this condition vary greatly with the cause. Some or all of the symptoms may appear. So, if your roommate tells you that you clench your teeth in your sleep, don't put it aside. Consult your dentist right away.
    Dentists are bruxism's first line of experts. They are the people who can confirm whether you are participating in teeth grinding or not. To know for sure, dentists perform a series of checks and exams with their patients. Teeth grinding diagnosis is usually performed inside the dental clinic.

    Once the dentist had determined that you suffer from bruxism, he would prescribe a cure for you.Teeth grinding cures are dependent upon the main cause of the habit. If your dentist believes that your teeth grinding habit is the direct result of stress, then he might refer you to a psychiatrist for a series of behavioral therapies to help eliminate the habit.
    If the problem is due to the alignment of the teeth itself, it is possible that the same dentist will create you a customized mouth night guard for tooth and enamel protection.

    If it so happens that you are suffering from severe complications of teeth grinding like jaw problems, he could refer you to a doctor to address the symptoms. Once the complications are all taken care of, the dentist can perform the treatment procedure required to eliminate teeth grinding.
    [h=3]The Five Effective Cures For Teeth Grinding[/h]

    The cure for bruxism or teeth grinding is dependent on the root cause of the teeth grinding disease. Teeth grinding comes in different levels of severity. For kids, intensive treatment courses are rarely necessary because they usually outgrow the condition. However, if it affects their health considerably, it is best that you consult either a dentist or a doctor about it.

    The same is true with adults. There are just a handful of teeth grinding instances that require therapy or surgery. But then again, if the damage becomes apparent, the problem has to be addressed right away. This is to prevent future concerns arising from the condition.

    Here are the most common treatment procedures for teeth grinding:
    [h=2]1. Stress management[/h]
    Stress is the most common reason for teeth clenching. Dentists usually make the initial diagnosis on the patient by checking his or her teeth. And after a series of health questions, he should be able to formulate the assumption as to why a person grinds his or her teeth. If the dentist strongly thinks that the problem is caused by stress, then professional stress counseling may be requested. The dentist would then refer his patient to a stress therapy expert.

    Stress management is usually performed through total body relaxation achieved with meditation and exercise. However, if the problem is not too severe, a warm bath and a cup of milk or chocolate before bed should do the trick. For kids, try to ease out their fears and tensions by talking to them or reading them their favorite book a few minutes before bedtime.
    [h=2]2. Dental devices[/h]
    Dentist is the first line of experts you will consult with in cases of bruxism. And dentists usually prescribe the use of mouth guards, splints, or any similar protective dental devices to be worn at night. Right now, there are a lot of mouth guards available over-the-counter. You can also request your dentist to customize one for you. Customized mouth guards are usually more expensive than other variants. However, they perform better than its counterparts. Mouth guards that are readily available in drug stores may not fit well and could dislodge when teeth grinding.
    [h=2]3. Dental surgeries[/h]
    Some dentists would recommend surgery as opposed to dental appendages. More people prefer this method as well. For such cases, dentists use crowns or overlays on teeth to reshape its surface for better chewing. This addresses problems rooting from one's incapacity to chew food properly as well as tooth sensitivity. Some extensive reconstructive dental procedures may also be prescribed. However, most of them can't guarantee that one's teeth grinding habits stop altogether. They are merely performed to prevent the impending damages associated to the condition.
    [h=2]4. Behavior Therapy[/h]
    Teeth grinding has been long regarded as a habit. And it is quite a bad habit at that. Elimination of bad habits is usually carried out through a series of behavior therapy sessions. A lot of centers are now specializing in teeth grinding. Strategies like proper mouth and jaw positioning, concentration, and constant tongue practice are used to address the condition. Behavior therapies may also use some alternative medicines to further help make a person forget his teeth clenching habits.
    [h=2]5. Regular medications[/h]
    There are just a few drugs that can address the onset of bruxism and the results are not the same against all people. Some doctors prescribe muscle relaxants, which are supposed to be taken before bedtime. Psychological drugs like anti-depression pills may trigger bruxism. For cases like this, doctors have to prescribe their patients a different set of drugs - the ones that would not induce teeth grinding.These are the five most common cures for bruxism. Even if your condition is minor, it is still
    advised that you don't self medicate.
    It is best to consult a qualified physician so you'll be guided to the right course of action and the most effective cure for your condition.

    How To Stop Grinding Your Teeth - Stop Bruxism