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African Jitters over blogs and social media (JF included?)

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by futikamba, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. futikamba

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    Aug 9, 2011
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    Habari yenu wakuu....
    Nimekutana na hii habari kwenye google. Ni ya siku mingi kidogo lakini nimeona si vibaya tukijua kinachoendelea kuhusu mtandao wetu pendwa wa JF.

    Habari yenyewe inakwenda hivi...

    Cloning websites He says a tactic that was previously used in China, Malware enables an individual's website to be infiltrated via a virus or spyware designed to damage a user's system and "suck out important content".
    [​IMG] The Tanzanian government has not commented on allegation it is cloning the website Jamiiforums
    It also enables the "infiltrator" to clone the original system and send out information that would be hard to detect as being fake.
    There is evidence that this sophisticated tool is being used in Tanzania and Sudan, according to Tom Rhodes, CPJ's East Africa lead.
    JamiiForums, a Swahili language version of Wikileaks, is being "cloned" by Tanzania's government to disrupt conversations of opponents, he says.
    There has been no comment from the Tanzanian authorities on this.
    Nevertheless with Chinese influence in Africa growing rapidly, should journalists and bloggers be more concerned?
    Google thinks so.
    The company has found its search engine periodically blocked by China over the past decade and Ory Okolloh, its feisty government relations manager, is a trailblazer for media freedom.
    She was the brainchild behind the Kenyan site Ushahidi, which used mapping technology and mobile phones to help identify sites of post-election violence in 2008.
    Given the events in the Middle East and North Africa, Ms Okolloh argues that there is a "growing need among individuals and organisations in the forefront of online freedom of expression, to learn about the complex issues surrounding news technology products and social media tool".
    Journalist defence networks agree.
    "Governments now have unprecedented access to the wires and pipes of the internet," says Mr O'Brien.

    Kwa habari zaidi, unaweza kutembelea BBC News - African jitters over blogs and social media