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A faded online encounter

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by Yona F. Maro, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Yona F. Maro

    Yona F. Maro R I P

    Mar 29, 2009
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    I couldn't touch your face or kiss your lips
    I couldn't even hold your hand
    All we could do was type words accross a screen
    It was almost as if we were in this imaginary land

    We grew so close and you became my best friend
    I fell in love with you over time
    Through all the Instant Messages, phone calls, texts, and emails
    Our love grew higher than we could climb

    Days turned to weeks, and weeks turnes to months
    We knew each other better than anoyone ever could
    Endless hours were spent talking about everything and nothing
    We laughed and we cried, we spent more time together than we should

    Our love was like no other, different yes but true
    How can I fall in love with someone I can't see?
    Maybe it was the words you typed across my screen
    Or maybe it was the thought of something that could never be

    We dreamed and we hoped, we made promises that we could not keep
    We promised we would be together someday no matter how long it would take
    But sometimes promises get broken and dreams don't always come true
    Hopes get crushed and hearts break

    You lied to me and moved on with someone else, someone real
    Someone you could touch and hold. For me you could not wait
    What happened to us being together forever?
    I thought you meant what you said. I guess that's my mistake

    Now I must move on and forget about the six months that we shared
    Those months together I can never get back
    You faded away from my life as quickly as you had entered it
    My heart feels as if it's recovering from a brutal attack

    The memory of you still lingers on my mind
    The tragic way things ended were all unseen
    I still find myself sitting in front of my computer from time to time
    Waiting, wishing and hoping for those beautiful words of yours to pop up just once more across my screen