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A day with Dr Cure-All

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by bagamoyo, Oct 2, 2010.

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    Oct 2, 2010
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    Nairobi, Kenya.

    They will fix your jitters, workplace problems, court cases, and even revive your failing virility.

    And they are invariably Dr this or Prof that from some place in Tanzania.

    Knowing that a prophet is rarely appreciated in his village, they have to come from some far-flung place. It makes business sense.

    With the talk of making headlines, we set out to explore the world of witchcraft in Nairobi.

    Who else would we talk to but the “doctors” and “professors” who describe themselves as ghost busters and exorcists!

    Our trail begins at Ngara in response to a three-line advertisement in the classified section of a local daily.

    We are looking for “Dr” Mwene, who can “help you return lost love and recover stolen property.”

    “Dr” Mwene’s address is Ngara Fig Tree, complete with a cell phone number.

    Four calls later, he is available for consultation. We agree to meet outside a shop in Ngara. I will call him as soon as I arrive. Then he would come for me.

    I arrive at our rendezvous 10 minutes early. My idea of a witchdoctor is some old fellow with shifty eyes, clad in some strange garb, and chanting esoteric words in a dimly lit room.

    So I scan the crowds hurrying by for any face that looks like a witchdoctor before calling “daktari” again.

    He is on his way. Could I wait? .....................................Please continue on this link: Daily Nation: - DN2 |A day with Dr Cure-All