700million shillings deal to wash CHOGM cars


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Mar 21, 2007
Kama hii ni kweli si mchezo!!

We are starting to bring you little by little details of how CHOGM, instead of being an event for all Ugandans to celebrate and profit from, turned into a chance by the First Family to further loot Uganda dry.

We are getting reports that Odrek Rwabwogo, who is married to President Museveni's daughter Mrs Patience Kokundeka Rwabogo, was awarded a contract of 700,000,000 Uganda shillings (that is, about 360,000 U.S. dollars) for the contract to keep the luxury cars used during CHOGM clean, which meant washing them (yes sir, you read that right, wash: use soap and water to remove dirt).

Readers might recoil in disbelief, and think that this is an exaggeration. For us we know that it is true. We can give you an example to help you put this in perspective. In 2005, when Susan Muhwezi was still a good friend of the First Family, Odrek and Susan put together a proposal to promote Uganda's image. Ugandans, you remember "gifted by nature" campaign by Odrek's company Terp don't you? Museveni himself launched it at Speke Resort Munyonyo and CNN presenter Femi Okee was there. That was the project.

From that one alone, there was so much money floating around that in April of that year 2005, they registered an NGO called The Gifted by Nature Incorporated. It was headed by none other than our officlal hanger-on Patrick Bitature. They organised a few fake events around town to excite and hoodwink guillible Ugandans. If you remember the so-called "Red Black Yellow" flag campaigns that promoting "patriotism", while in the background, the very "patriotic" Ugandans dancing around in the streets were being robbed blind!

Susan Muhwezi and Odrek Rwabwogo took this "branding Uganda" idea to Museveni who endorsed it even before they had finished telling him the details. No study, not even pretense at prior consulting with the line ministry for the sake of going through the motions, nothing! That contract to "promote" Uganda was priced at 3,000,000 (three million) U.S. dollars! Over 5 Billion shillings, approved on a whim by fiat, just like that! Later, when a few people like MP Kamya complained, a coverup of having gone through the proper procedures was created.

Now Ugandans, do you still hear about this NGO? Do you even remember what "gifted by nature" was all about? What tangible benefits did we Ugandans get for our 5 billion?

So 360,000 US dollars to wash the CHOGM cars is nothing for Odrek and his wife, "Pastor" Patience Rwabwogo (who in addition to praying for her flock was also known as the leading exporter of maize and beans through Uganda Grain Traders Ltd, located at Nakawa)
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