5 reasons why I won’t buy smartphones for girls again


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Jun 24, 2015
Displaying and praising someone who can’t buy the phone for them in the first place.

You will see them praising and being praised by those who cannot buy smartphones for them. My honey, my baby, my life, my mother, my everything, etc. And that is all to those who can’t even contribute anything to their life. You will even see them using useless people’s pics as DPs.
  • A license to fake life:
Yes once they have a smartphone, they will begin by showcasing fake life to people, like taking pics while only doing window shopping at a superstore, borrowing clothes, chains, wigs, etc. to show off to people. Even renting those things. Being hungry and smiling, doing makeup and hairstyle on credit, seeking validation from those that cannot help them. Living pitiful life, but pretending to have the best of life online.

Their boyfriends can collect the phone and beat them.

I have seen many instances in which you put a girl in trouble simply by buying a smartphone for them. Their jealous boyfriend, who won’t buy phones for her, will beat her and collect the phone from her. This has happened to many girls.

Those who want to help them won’t help them again.

Those who even give them money will stop giving them money once they see a big phone in their hands. Or how can you claim to need help if you’re using an iPhone or an expensive Samsung phone, and you’re seeking financial assistance from someone who’s using a cheap phone?

They can even sell it and buy other things, thus defeating the purpose in the first place.

You buy a phone for a girl for her personal use in the first place… But sooner or later, she sells the phone and buys other things, defeating the purpose for which you bought the phone in the first place.

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