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15 of the World's Craziest Laws

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by zomba, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. zomba

    zomba JF-Expert Member

    Feb 17, 2008
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    15 of the World's Craziest Laws

    by Anne Lyken-Garner, Feb 16, 2008
    A collection of some strange and absurd laws that exsist in different parts of the world.

    1. [​IMG]
    2. If you were posting a letter in England and by accident put the stamp (with the picture of the Queen) up side-down, you’d be committing an act of treason.
    3. In Arkansas, a man is legally allowed to beat his wife only once a month.
    4. In Florida it is forbidden for any woman to parachute on Sunday afternoons unless she is married.
    5. In France you could be put in prison for naming a pig Napoleon

    6. In Iowa, it is forbidden for any kiss to last more than 5 minutes.
    7. In Nova Scotia, Canada, you’re not allowed to water your lawn when it is raining. [​IMG]
    8. In England, committing suicide is punishable by death.
    9. In Denmark one is not allowed to start a car if someone is under the vehicle.
    10. In Alabama it is against the law for a person to drive whilst blindfolded.
    11. In Israel it is illegal to pick your nose on a Saturday.
    12. In Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden for a woman to drive a car. (They must have the world’s safest roads then).
    13. In Singapore, if you are caught littering three times, you’re made to clean the streets on Sundays wearing a banner that says, “I am a litter bug.” A picture of you is then put on the local news. (I like this law very much).

    14. In Indonesia you could be decapitated if found masturbating. (Mum was right then, you could go blind. Sorry I couldn’t resist it.)
    15. In Korea, it is illegal to eat stray cats.(That’s why I always go for the neighbour’s pet.)
    16. In Bahrain, it is illegal for a male doctor to look at a woman’s genitals at an examination. “How can he examine her then?”, I hear you ask. Well, he can only look at her private bits in a mirror. (But don’t mirrors show your reflection back to front?)
  2. Mahesabu

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    Feb 17, 2008
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    NUMBER (9)Should be among the world's safest laws......NOT TO START A CAR WHILE ONE IS UNDERNEATH.....!