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100 NRM Tycoons To Fund Museveni Campaign Named

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Nacho cha Ruwa, Aug 15, 2009.

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    Tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia

    Source: Redpepper Kampala,Uganda

    The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) senior officials have named more than 100 tycoons and companies that are set to finance President Yoweri Museveni’s re-election bid in February 2011.Last Saturday, we revealed to you how a panicky NRM was frantically looking for a whooping Shs100bn to meet costs of the much-feared 2011 presidential elections.
    We reported that NRM bosses were very worried that with the sagging party popularity,FDC boss Col. Kizza Besigye may sweep the vote and chase them from power if the don’t inject billions in the campaigns.Today, we reveal to you the tycoons and companies that the NRM is looking at to bankroll the campaigns.Some of the listed tycoons have in the past contributed to Museveni’s campaigns and NRM party activities.

    Below is the list:

    Sudhir Ruparelia
    The city mogul, who is considered to be the richest man in Uganda, is in good books with NRM particularly with President Museveni. Sudhir has always been just a call away in supporting Museveni’s previous re-election campaigns. The NRM is looking forward to having him in 2011 campaigns. The fact that NRM government has been supporting Ruparelia in various business missions is a clear indication that he must come on board.

    Sam Kutesa.
    This Foreign Affairs minister is among Uganda’s top rich men. He mobilized part of the cash that was used in 2001 and 2006 presidential elections. He has been the right hand man of President Museveni since 1986.He further mobilized the money that was used to wet the beaks of NRM MPs in 2005 in a bid to manipulate the Constitution and enable Museveni get a third term in office.This time, according to our sources Kutesa is again expected to be at the forefront of mobilizing the cash. In him, NRM is sure of getting both local and foreign funding.

    Col. John Mugyenyi
    The retired UPDF Colonel injected a lot of cash in Museveni’s 2006 Presidential campaigns. He is President Museveni’s right hand man. It is said, though he is a retired JATT boss; he still carries out special operations for Museveni and reports directly to him.According to State House sources, Mugyenyi, whenever he is going to meet the President, he doesn’t go through the queue like ministers and generals. He just moves directly and meets the president because of the loyalty to the big man and the financial help he has been offering to the party in previous elections.

    Habib Kagimu
    The pompous tycoon is a close friend of President Museveni. Through him, the NRM has been in position to get both Libyan and Arab support. His company recently got a US$60M deal to construct the oil pipeline from Eldoret to Uganda. Therefore to accomplish the project, he must ensure the NRM’s continuity after 2011.

    Amina Hose
    The elusive woman tycoon is a Kenyan of Somali origin. She is a business partner of Kutesa. She normally mobilizes her female Somali businessmen to finance NRM party work. No wonder the President last week inaugurated her Oasis Shopping Arcade. She also has huge business interests in Uganda and she is in very good books with NRM.Since the attempt on her life by gunmen early this, Amina has these days been protected by the Presidential Guard Brigade.


    He is a personal friend of both President Museveni and Minister Sam Kutesa. He runs a string of businesses in Uganda.


    The Madhvani family has a cordial relationship with President Museveni. They have a string of businesses in Uganda and have been great financiers of NRM party activities.

    Pradip Karia

    The Indian tycoon is in the business of real estate management. He is based along Yusuf Lule Road and he is a close friend of NRM big shots.

    The Kiwanuka’s

    Oscar and Marion Kiwanuka are very close friends to the First Family.They are members of the Presidential Round Table on investments and have been benefiting from State House lucrative deals.

    They are proprietors of Oscar Industries and Radio One. Marion is also a good friend to President Museveni’s PPS Amelia Kyambadde.

    Bob Kabonero

    The Kampala Casino owner is part of the first family. He normally mobilizes friendly and local tycoons to bankroll the NRM. He has a lot of cash as he enjoys a lot of monopoly to import dry cells from China. He is also a business partner of Minister Kutesa and relative to Janet Museveni.

    Omar Mandela

    The City Tyres proprietor is also on the list. After former Minister Gerald Sendaula left cabinet, they are now in business together and he is in good books with NRM.

    Robert Mwesigwa

    Mwesigwa is the AMPROC owner. He is a friend to the first family and gets many deals from the government.

    Karim Hirji

    He owns several hotels in Uganda. These include Grand Imperial, Equatorial, and Imperial Hotel etc. NRM big shots have shares in some of his businesses and they must ensure he facilitates NRM.

    Joseph Magandazi

    He is the owner of Jomayi property consultants and a close buddy of NRM guys.

    Enos Tumusime

    He is a city advocate and has benefited too much from NRM government.

    Gordon Wavamunno

    He is the chairman of WBS TV, Wavah water and Spear Motors Ltd. He is a great friend of Minister Amama Mbabazi and Amelia Kyambadde.

    Godfrey Kirumira
    Given his closeness with Sudhir Ruperlia , he always backs the NRM activities.

    Elly Karuhanga

    He is a famous lawyer and at the center of oil exploration in Uganda. Therefore he must support NRM to fulfill his interests.

    Tumusime Mutebile

    He is the Bank of Uganda Governor and will be giving technical assistance as far as finances are concerned

    Sam Engola

    He is a businessman cum politician in Lira

    Abid Alam

    Owner of Alam Group of Companies and a very close buddy of Salim Saleh

    Charlie Lubega

    Owner of Angenoir

    Drake Lubega

    Real Estates mogul

    Katongole Singh

    He is a Kampala based Indian businessman and NRM treasurer. So he must ensure the NRM bag is full of money.


    He is a hotelier. He owns Hotel Africana

    Mbabali Muyanja

    He is in business consultancy and a business partner of Minister Kutesa. He is a close friend to Amelia Kyambadde


    He recently set up coffee processing factory in Bugolobi and the government gave him millions of dollars. So he must reciprocate.

    Rebecca Garang

    She is the widow the late SPLA leader, the late Col. John Garang. She has remained a friend to Museveni. She has serious businesses in Uganda.

    Yanga Matovu

    He is a business partner of Haji Moses Kigongo and owns buildings in the city.

    Kassagga Zimwe

    He is the proprietor of Zimwe Construction Company and has been getting many construction deals from government. So he can’t betray the NRM government.

    JC Patel

    He is a director in Spencon Ltd and a close buddy of Gen. Saleh. So he must assist his brother.


    He owns a fleet of trailers and a business partner to Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

    James Mulwana

    He owns Nice House of plastics and an ally of Amelia Kyambadde. He is also a friend to Museveni.

    Jovia Saleh

    She is the wife of Gen. Salim Saleh. She is in every business you can think of. She was instrumental in 2006 elections as she funded most of the voluntary groups in western Uganda that campaigned for President Museveni.

    Patrick Bitature

    He is in Mobile phone business and currently he is the Chairman of Uganda Investment Authority. He is also a member of the Presidential Round Table on Investments.

    Shem Bageine

    The quite tycoon is in real estates management business.

    Hassan Bassajjabalaba

    He owns Kampala International University, hotels and buildings. He is a close friend of Mary Karooro Okurut. He is a member of NRM NEC and has enjoyed so much from the current government.

    Charles Mbire
    He is a shareholder of MTN Uganda.


    He is a transporter based in Ndeeba

    Kaddu Kiberu

    He owns Peacock Paints Company

    James Bwogi

    He is a transporter and real estate developer.

    Haji Musa Katongole

    He heads UTODA and gets billions per months from taxis. His boys did a lot of Kakuyege in 2006, on top of UTODA’s contribution worth billions to State House.

    Col. Fred Mwesigye

    He currently heads National Enterprises Ltd


    Popularly known as Musomesa, he is in Travel business and also a business partner of Gen. Salim Saleh

    Gastur Lule

    He is Ntake Bakery owner

    Charles Muhangi

    He is in transport business owning Horizon coaches

    Baguma Crescent

    He is also in transport business

    John Sebalamu

    He is an importer and a real estate mogul. He is a friend of Prof. Gilbert Bukenya and Fox Odoi.

    Emmanuel Katongole

    He is among the Directors of Quality Chemicals Industries Ltd

    Sarah Kizito

    She is the wife of Godfrey Nyakana, Chairman Kampala Central Division

    Kellen Kayonga

    Her company currently supplies security guards to war troubled Iraq. She is a relative of Gen. Salim Saleh.

    Amos Nzeyi

    He owns Pepsi Company and Hot loaf Bakery. He is also a business partner of Minister Amama Mbabazi.

    John Katende

    He is a prominent city lawyer and a close friend of Minister Sam Kutesa

    Abu Mukasa

    The elusive tycoon is a director in Orange Telecom

    Henry Lubwama

    Popularly known as HL, The construction mogul is a good friend of Hon. Janet Museveni.


    The Sugar company owners are close friends of Minister Sam Kutesa.

    Robert Kayanja

    The controversial Pastor heads Rubaga Miracle Center and has been so tight with State House.

    Tom Mugenga

    He is a business partner of Sudhir Ruperlia

    John Nasasira

    NRM expects a lot from Works and Transport minister.


    The company is famous for its soap and cooking oil products


    This businessman hails from Eastern Uganda. Late last year, he complained to President Museveni that then Trade Minister Janat Mukwaya had created a monopoly over the importation of dry cells and awarded it to Bob Kabonero’s company.

    Others are:

    Senseko Kulubya
    Hajji Musa Kasule’s estate
    Phene of Petro City
    Henry Makmot
    Kaddu Kiberu
    Kodet from Karamoja
    Magid Bagalaliwo
    Moses Kigongo- NRM vice chairman
    Behakanira of Avemar shopping center Ministers, MPs and other business people.