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    What is Power Factor Lagging and Lead of Generator Set?

    Due to some users ask Starlight Power manufacturer about lagging and lead of generator set question, today Starlight Power Manufacturer shares with you. What is generator power factor lagging? In alternator current, based on voltage, the phase angle of current lags behind the phase angle of...
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    300kw Cummins Open Type Diesel Generator Set

    Diesel Generator Set Data Set Type: XG-300GF Prime Power: 300KW/375KVA Rated Current: 491 (A) Rated Frequency: 50(Hz) Start-up time: 5~6(s) Power Factor: 0.8(Lag) Rated Voltage: 400/230(V) Diesel engine: CCEC Cummins NTA855-G2A Alternator: Starlight/Stamford/Marathon/Siemens/Engga/Kepu...