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  1. pascal

    10 pieces of hardware you should replace rather than repair

    Any time a computer component stops working, or just becomes unstable — as we all know will happen from time to time — we have to decide whether to replace it, have it repaired, or just get by as is with perhaps a temporary fix. Repair or just getting by will nearly always be the cheapest...
  2. pascal

    10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT

    If you are preparing for a career in IT or are new to IT, many of the “dirty little secrets” listed below may surprise you because we don’t usually talk about them out loud. If you are an IT veteran, you’ve probably encountered most of these issues and have a few of your own to add — and please...
  3. pascal

    HIV Knowledge...Don't be fooled by stupid reasons

    Hi... This mail has been written by Mayank who works in Ranbaxy. So go through it and know about the actual causes of HIV(AIDS). The purpose of sending this mail to U is to be aware of the nonsense stuff from the net, don't panic if you find a Needle in the Theatre or some...
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