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  1. Kapinga

    She says she is Unhappy!

    Been a while since i last posted anything up in here, but here goes. Karibuni nimekuwa nikilumbana na waifu.. Tumekuwa pamoja zaidi ya miaka mitano sasa lakini hatuja uoana kwasababu mbalimbali mostly career oriented! Nashukuru mwenyezi mungu kwamba tumebahatika kuishi maisha mazuri , safiri...
  2. Kapinga

    The alleged Tanzanite-terrorist connection

    The alleged tanzanite-terrorist connection In November 2001, Wall Street Journal reporters, the late Daniel Pearl and Robert Block, travelled to the African nation of Tanzania to investigate rumours connecting tanzanite trading as a source of funding for al-Qaeda's international...
  3. Kapinga

    Wimbo wa Taifa wa Afrika Kusini!!

    Wadau ni hoja ndogo my knowledge huu wimbo wameupata 1994 pale mandela alipochukua nchi...the tune whatever u wanna call it sounds too similar to the Tanzanian National Anthem..did we get any credit?? jus asking.....
  4. Kapinga

    EPA Revisited!!

  5. Kapinga

    Tanzanians and their mps: What the people want, and what they don’t always get

    Interesting read! Just received this from a good friend from Oxford university, they are actually reading this stuff in their lectures!! UDSM mpoo?? Wageni waijua nchi yetu kuliko sisi wenyewe??
  6. Kapinga

    Is our president serious?

    Jamani for those who have been watching the IMF meeting at the BOT Towers, have u noticed like i have how aisha wa CNN alivyo muuliza kikwete simple questions na kashindwa kujibu kwa uhakika...jioneeni Concluding Plenary » Africa is changing...
  7. Kapinga

    Simcard Registration: For Public Good or Infringement of Privacy Laws??

    As a result of the growth of communication technology, there has been an increased use of mobile devices, including mobile phones with either detachable or imbedded SIMcards. Whereas most users of mobile phones are trustworthy, there are a few who are using this technology negatively. In order...
  8. Kapinga

    Jobs at Seacoms

    For those with It Skills, please apply..this is going to be a very significant investment in the EastAfrican telecoms industry. Careers at SEACOM Are you looking for a career in the African telecommunications industry? SEACOM is gearing up to become one of the key industry player and is on the...
  9. Kapinga

    Time for Honesty: CCM Members tuelimisheni Watanzania!!

    Nina viswali vidogo tuu...wanaccm kadampinzani, yeboyebo, dar-es-salaam na wengine wengi.. Wats the deal jamani? Wat is going on in ya party? Mawaziri mliowaweka wanatuangusha on a daily basis na scandal za viongozi wenu haziishi? je mnahaki ya kusumbua upinzani wakati huu? Wanajf the floor...
  10. Kapinga

    Mkwasi Rostam na Vodacom

    Vodacom's elite network Stefaans Brümmer 15 April 2007 11:59 Vodacom's connectivity -- the cellphone group's habit of choosing politicians and their friends as business partners -- extends to two more of its operations on the continent. The Mail & Guardian reported a fortnight ago that...
  11. Kapinga

    Interesting quote from the CNN Reporter on the Bush Visit

    "The USA does not like to give money to people that steal money" US government thinking about the tax payer?? Wanajf im beginning to think bush knew a lito something about our fallen ministers leading to the reshuffle (Hamna cha richmond wala BOT??)...what do you guys think??
  12. Kapinga

    Did the Internet bring down the PM and his Ministers??

    It seems it all started with one random email (who many thought was UDAKU au CHUKI BONAFSI) Mara zitto anasimamishwa kazi??,then slaa comes up, now the PM has resigned?? Je did CCM panic?I would not be surprised if the regulation of the internet in Tanzania changes real soon...WanaJF mnasemaje...
  13. Kapinga

    My Fear of Snakes!!

  14. Kapinga


    And this investigation was done in 1994...and here we are in bongo complaining about BOT onawamarekani KAZINI!!!
  15. Kapinga

    The term 'Fastest growing economy'.. ..Is it numbers on a piece of paper??

    For a while now i have been trying to understand this term 'fastest growing economy' from an african perspective..We all know South Africa is Africa's Economic powerhouse, we were once told Zimbabwe was an economic powerhouse too (when all industry and agriculture was controlled by the whites)...
  16. Kapinga

    How is the Internet regulated in Tanzania??

    Hello everyone, im a new member and was just curious and would appreciate any details from the JF members on how the Internet is regulated in our beloved country (from company websites, blogs etc)
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