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    Gaddafi outlines African vision

    Libyan leader and current African Union chairman Muammar Gaddafi has spelled out his plans to create a United States of Africa. At an AU Executive Council session in Tripoli, he called on the continent to speed up the integration process. His vision of a pan-African government was at the heart...
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    Ungemshauri nini Col.Gadafi

    Kama ungepewa fursa ya kutoa mawazo yako kwa Mwenyekiti mpya wa AU mheshimiwa Col.Gaddaffi ungemshauri nini? -Ni upi msimamo wako kuhusu suala la nchi za kiafrika kulipwa fidia na mataifa yaliyowatawala? kama Japani ililipwa/inalipwa fidia na marekani kwa mashambulizi ya mabomu ya kiatomic...
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    Rwandan troops 'invade DR Congo'

    The Democratic Republic of Congo has accused Rwanda of sending troops across the border, and threatening the eastern city of Goma. The local provincial governor said Rwandan soldiers backing the Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda had crossed the border three days ago. Rwanda has denied...
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    SADC And AU Must Intervene To Bring About Democracy In Swaziland

    18 September 2008 The news of the arrest of various protestors including the PUDEMO President Mario Masuku, SNAT leadership, SFTU General Secretary Jan Sithole, and trade union leader Vincent Dlamini has demonstrated the willingness of the Tinkudla regime to subvert democracy in Swaziland. It...
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    Women to rule Rwanda parliament

    Rwanda already holds the world record for highest proportion of female MPs Rwanda will be the first country where women will outnumber men in parliament, preliminary election results show. Women have taken 44 out of 80 seats so far and the number could rise if three seats reserved for the...
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